5th Class Update

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Another week has flown by and 5th class are learning about Operations in Maths. In English, the class are finished their 2nd draft of report writing on the Céide Field’s and in Gaeilge the class are continuing to revise an aimsir chaite and record verbs in their briathra notebook.

At the end of the week, the class carried out a fun group quiz on frasaí agus foclóir nua. They recorded their answers on whiteboards and in the end there was 3 teams that won.

In P.E , the class carried out activities that required the passing skills that they have been learning for the past 2 weeks. The class carried out a game of Capture the Flag and from their first attempt, they realised that they needed to work as a team and have strategies in order to succeed with their team.

In Art this week, the class have started a collage of their interests inside the outline of their own heads. They really enjoyed tracing each others heads at the start of the lesson and are adding images to their work.

In Science, the class have started learning about the heart. We looked at finding our pulse. Some of the class found it hard, but once they relaxed and closed their eyes, they managed to get their pulse much easier. We looked at getting the average pulse rate out of 3. Next week, the class will look at it more closely.

In Music, the class started learning the tin whistle. We looked at beats and the note B. We will continue to learn more notes next week.

Peace Proms started back during the week and there is a lot of interest in Sinéad’s 5th class.

It was great to see some of the 5th class taking part in the gardening sessions during lunch time on Thursday also. Teacher David is getting busy with the pupils and cleaning up the school garden.





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