5th class News

This week 5th class finished up on their gymnastics lessons with a floor performance in groups that incorporated props. The pupils really stuck together to make very creative synchronized dance. They used benches as beams and mats to show their skills at tumbles, cartwheels and hand stands. Next week 5th class will return to swimming in the Curragh.

In English, the class are writing reviews. They did a review on the class novel; “Under the Hawthorn Tree” that they completed last week. To refresh their memories they also played a quiz on incidents within the story. 5th started their first song review of the song “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran. The overall opinion was good. They generally thought the song has a nice rhythm and the nostalgic thoughts of Ed were lovely in the song. Next week the class will review another song from before they were born so it will be interesting to see their thoughts on older music!

In Gaeilge, the class continue to work on the Aimsir Láithreach and review all the verbs done in the aimsire láithreach to date.

In Maths, the class have finished up the topic of Number Theory. This topic looked at odd and even numbers, prime and composite number and numbers with shape.

In S.E.S.E the class started the topic of Education and schools. From grandparents day earlier in the school year, the class had some background information to work off. The focus in this topic is hedge schools and the overall development of schools through time.

Finally, 5th class pupils hit the road this weekend (Saturday morning) for Peace Proms in the RDS, Dublin. The boys and girls have been practicing really hard over the past few weeks and we wish them well on Saturday.