5th Class News

Over the past 2 weeks, 5th class have been busy working with wool in art. They started weaving with wool to make coasters and this week they are designing yarn art. This type of art required a lot of patience as the boys and girls glue their wool prints together on card. They are turning out wonderful.

In Maths, 5th class have finished problem sums and they enjoyed working in groups to figure out long problems that had many clues to crack.

In Gaeilge, 5th have started an Aimsir Láithreach and are getting to grips with the different rules for an chéad réimniú and dara réimniú. They played a game this week that focuses on the vocabulary they have covered to date this year.

5th are also looking at the weather in Geography and learning about the difference between hail stones and snowflakes and temperature. Going by the weather at the moment, we might experience a wide range of weather conditions!