5th Class at Dunmore East

The week started off with a bang with the 5th class school tour to Dunmore East Activity Centre. The class were counting down the days to jumping into the water and bouncing off the blow ups at the harbour.

The class left bright at early and arrived in the beautiful town of Dunmore East around 9.30. The excitement of the two classes was at its peak when we arrived at the harbour at the sight of the rock climbing tower and the harbour activities.

The staff were wonderful there and were so happy to see the classes from N.E.T.N.S. The classes started out at archery and after a few practices, the split into teams to compete for scores. The groups then went straight on to cave exploring, which turned out to be a big hit with the pupils.

Afterwards, the class went on to rock climbing and it got competitive but they enjoyed the fun of racing to the bell.

Once the class had lunch, the only thing on their minds was getting out and hitting the water. There was light rain at this point, but it did not change things for them.

Once the crew got their wet suits, helmet and safety jacket on, they hit the water. The water was a little cold but once they got in, it was no longer a problem.

The final stage of their activities included paddle boarding and kayaking. The sun was beaming by the time they went out and they enjoyed working in pairs or individually. The class even had kayak race back to land at the end when the activities finished.

By the time the class got changed and back in the bus, one would presume that the classes would be knackered from the non stop activities. 5th class proved us wrong with sing songs on route to N.E.T.N.S.

Overall 5th class had a wonderful fun-filled day and they would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Check out the 5th classes in action throughout the day!