So Far This Week

So Far This Week

This week we were doing charcoal. We got to do 2 pictures each. We did lots of different types of pictures. It was lots of fun. We did lots of amazing pictures to stick on the wall in the

We learned about healthy eating. You should eat your 5 a day everyday. You should not eat too much fast food and just eat it sometimes. It is really important to have some carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fruit and veg, dairy, etc it is your diet everyday.

We learned about Sikhism this week. Sikh men don’t cut their hair because it’s a commitment to god.

We learned about Sparta vs Athens today it was very interesting. If you were born you would be put outside on the doorstep if you survived you would be a strong worrier. If you were a woman you would be able to train with the men so your child would be a strong warrior.

We are reading a very good book called the silver sword. It is all about world war II. A family set off to find their parents after beimng separated in the war. The children’s names are Edec, Bronia ,Ruth and Jan. We are on the twentieth chapter where the burgomaster is trying to capture Edec and bring him back to Poland and into prison. Fingers crossed they will all be ok and will be reunited with their parents.