Write a Book Project

We have some budding authors on our hands in Third Class. This week we have been looking at the process of creating our own individual book. We all brainstormed what theme our class could base our stories on. The class decided on the theme of  ‘The Midnight Adventure’. From this each child came up with their own ideas on plot, settings and charachters. We are currently at the drafting stage and I have to say they are very exciting, descriptive and imaginative stories.

This week we have also started learning about Meditation. We have been practicing the skill of sitting still in our own space for a minute. Sometimes this can be quite difficult to do. Maybe we could practice this at home altogether to see how we get on. From this we had the opportunity to listen to stories and quiet, soft music to enable us to meditate. This is a great skill to acquire, ask us for our tips to help you to meditate. It is very relaxing, enjoyable and improves concentration.

Have a nice weekend!