The Snatcher

Jonathan in 3rd class wrote this fantastic story this week.

The Snatcher

by Jonathan

One day in New York there was a person called JT. JT had big blue eyes and he wore a nice leather coat and blue jeans. JT had a pet eagle, the eagles name was Tim. Tim had a white face, brown and black eyes and a purple body.

On his way home from school he saw a shadow and before he knew it his eagle was gone. JT got an awful shock. He fell on his knees and started crying.

He walked in home crying “My eagle is gone”. His Mum smiled at him “Why are you smiling?” he asked “Did you not hear me? My eagle is gone”. “Yes I did hear you, your Dad said it was a waste of money but we put a tracking sensor in Tim. I put it under his wing. It will lead us to where Tim is”.

So it lead them to an old spooky house, they saw Tim there in a cage. But guarding Tim was a giant robot, inside the robot was Ben, JT’s arch rival. So they got Tim and ran through the giant robots legs. They ran all the way home into their house, they took out their guns and blew up the robot. But Ben survived, he ran away. And JT’s family beacame rich because they took the metal from the robot and it was so unique that it was worth a fortune.

The end!