Rocking Researchers!

3rd Class have really been utilising and developing their research and interpretation skills. In Maths we carried out a survey amongst all the classes in the school. As a class we decided on age appropriate topics for each class, we then thought of the questions to ask. The information was collated and presented to our class. Our surveys are now displayed outside our class, we welcome you to come and see the results.

We have also been using our research skills in Geography. In pairs we decided on a European or a non-European country. We created a list of research topics, from this each pair chose twelve to be divided evenly between them. There has been tremendous work done so far with amazing team work being demonstrated. Tomorrow is the deadline for the research to be complete and we are looking forward to finding out lots of interesting facts about different countries around the world.

Third Class really enjoyed their night off homework last night. It was totally down to all of the boys and girls working together, showing good listening, using their manners and working really hard. All of this led to our marble jar being one third full. We are hoping to fill the jar halfway so we can have an extra Art lesson.

 Congratulations, keep up the good work!