Rocking Rappers in 3rd Class

A huge congratulations to the boys and girls  in 3rd Class on their fantastic performance at Assembly this morning. Rinneamar an scéal ‘Subh, Subh, Subh’ agus an amhrán ‘Oró sé do bheatha bhaile’.  We also sang ‘Pencil full of Lead’ by Paolo Nutini.

We are very lucky to have such creative and poetic children in our class. As part of Croí na Scoile we were reserching Martin Luther King. With this information we worked in pairs to write two lines of an Anti-Racism Rap. With each of these lines we created our own class rap. This is displayed on the Senior Corridor upstairs. We also performed this rap this morning as part of our Assembly. We were so proud to say that it was our class that had written it as many people were asking us where we got it on the internet!

Here is our fantastic rap:

Hey, hey, you, you,

You have the right even if you’re black or white.


I was walking down the street,

And everywhere and everywhere I always meet,

Some kind of person, not that tough,

But it’s a thing, it’s a thing called Racism.


Black and white, we’re all the same,

The fight they had was really lame.

It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white,

Everyone, everyone has the right.


Whites were being really mean,

They wanted blacks to be unseen,

Then Martin Luther came along,

And showed us what, was right and wrong.


All the people have a right,

That is why we shouldn’t fight.

Black and white, we’re all the same,

It’s just, it’s just in different ways.

We hope you like it! Wishing you all a very nice, relaxing time over the holidays.