Letter Writing!

This week in 3rd Class we have been so busy writing letters. We wrote letters to our friends accepting birthday invitations:

Dear Tara,

I can’t wait for your birthday party on Monday. It should be great fun. I will have a big surprise for you. I hope there will be a bouncing castle! I think there will be lots of friends there because you are a great friend.

I can not wait. I am so excited.

Love Lauren.

Then we wrote a reply to the invitation saying that we could not attend the party:

Dear Jay,

How are you doing? I am fine. Sorry I can not come to your party, I am going on holidays to Spain with my family for two weeks. When I get back I will give you your present.

I hope to see you soon.

From your friend, Sean.

PS Happy Birthday!

All of our letters are displayed on the wall in seomra Karen. Next week we will be writing reports, we are very excited about this.