Jam, Jam its everywhere!!

This week Third Class has been talking about positive language in Croí na Scoile as part of the Moral and Spiritual strand. We have been looking at different situations where we might use other words but how we can make the situation better by using positive phrases. We could see how we can use positive language every day and how it can ease a tricky disagreement. We thought about a variety of phrases and words to help us. With these phrases we designed posters to explain how to use these phrases appropriately.

 In Drama we acted out these situations to see how the people involved would feel.

We are very excited to start Gymnastics and we used the horse and the benches to practice our jumps and points of balance. We have been working as part of a team to create a sequence using 1, 2, 3 and 4 points of balance. We were very lucky this week to have the opportunity to work with Karen Mullen in the Halla Glas. Here we learned a new dance and a variety of jumps, we even used the springboard.  Thank you Karen we had lots of fun. Looking forward to next week.

We have been working very hard over the last two weeks on funny poems. We were inspired by the poem ‘Spaghetti’ by Shel Silverstein. As a class we wrote the first verse of ‘Jam’, we then moved in to pairs where we created our own verses to finish off the poem. I have to say we have written some very funny poems. Look out for them around our classroom.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and looking forward to another week of hard work. Well done Third Class, you are super hard workers!