Cool Pompoms

Third class have been busy making pompoms. Everyone in our class made the pompoms with cardboard boxes and wool. Some people brought in wool and cardboard boxes and some people shared their wool and cardboard boxes with others. (by Nosa)

We had different coloured wool and there were different sizes of cardboard. Some pieces of cardboard could fit six circles for the pompoms. We put a little hole in the circle and put the string around and around it until it turned into a big ball. (by Jonathan)

When we are done with them, we will cut around the edges and take the cardboard out. When you cut around the edges all the wool will be sticking out and we are going to make a bookmark and stick it on top of it. (by Darcy)

Once we have finished the pompoms and stuck them onto the bookmarks, everyone will sign everyone else’s bookmark. Then we will bring them home and put them in our books. We hope they turn out well. (by Ciaran)