Some history facts from second class!

We have been learning lots of new and interesting things this week in second class. In History we have been learning lots of new things about Helen Keller. She was born in America in 1880. When she was two years old she got very sick and became blind and deaf. When she was seven, a nice lady called Anne Sullivan began to teach Helen how to spell words and give messages to others using sign language. Anne Sullivan showed Helen lots of words by tracing the letters of the words on Helen’s hand. Everyone in second class took turns at closing their eyes and letting their partner write a word on their hand. They then had to guess what the word was……it wasn’t as easy to do as we thought!

When she was nine she learned how to speak. She put her hand on the lips and touched the throat of the person who was talking. Helen did lots of amazing things throughout her life. She met the President of the USA in the White House and liked to visit sick soldiers in hospital. Lots of people came from far and wide to hear Helen talk about being blind and deaf.

We hope that everyone has a super time over the holidays!

Slan from second class!