Our School, Aistear

                This week the theme in Aistear is ‘Our School’. The children are getting to know the school layout as well as meeting staff at work in the school. In Aistear they’re using what they learned to work in groups.     The children have been investigating what […]

After School Activities Term 1 2017

We are delighted that after school activities will again be taking place beginning Tuesday October 3rd 2017 for 7 weeks. The week of 13th -17th November the progress meetings will be held, therefor no afterschool activities will be taking place. The sign up will be available on the school website on Saturday 23rd September at […]

Senior Infants Assembly

Well done to the two Senior Infant classes who took part in a great assembly. We shared what we have been learning about food groups, healthy eating and exercise. The two classes performed a song with actions called ‘Food Groups are Rockin’ Tonight and then got the audience up exercising by playing Simon Says. Have […]

Book Week

Lots of fun reading books, listening to stories and dressing up for book week.  

Food Groups

We are learning about healthy eating in Aistear. We did a survey in class to find out what the favourite fruit in the class are. We made a block graph to show our answers. After we played number and adding games. Each day we are figuring out what group the food in our lunchboxes comes […]


Last week we were learning about electricity. We learnt how to be safe in the home around electricity. We made an electrical circuit with leads, bulbs and batteries. We made our butterfly pictures move using static electricity from rubbing balloons on our heads. Have a look at the photos.  


We were learning about measurements recently. We learned that weight is about how heavy or light something is. We balanced objects using scales. We learned that length is about how long, short, narrow or wide something is. We investigated objects in the classroom and measured them using lollypop sticks. Before weighing or measuring we always […]

Sign Up After School Activities April 17

After school consent form april 17 *If possible please print off and return consent form on the first day of the activity. Teachers will distribute consent forms on the first day of the activity.   Tuesday   Indoor and Outdoor Sculpture, Elaine, 4th – 6th http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0844afad22a7fd0-outdoor   Hip hop/Jazz Dance, Fiona and Ruth, 1st – […]

Maths Trail, Senior Infants

We had a busy week preparing for open night and enjoyed showing off all our work. Thank you to everyone who came. It is lovely to get a chance to work outdoors now the weather is improving.On Thursday we worked in teams to complete a maths trail before unlocking clues for a chocolate egg hunt. […]

Writers of the Week

Well done to our writers of the week. Keep up the great work!


We’ve really enjoyed learning about money over the past two weeks. We have been using the coins 1c, 2c, 5c and 10c and making amounts of money up to 20c. We  have been spending money in our shop. We matched money to numbers and added coins together. We filled money bags with real coins as […]

Growing Seeds

We were learning that seeds need water, light, warmth and soil to grow. We learned that roots grow down to hold the seed in place and a shoot grows upwards to become a stem. We enjoyed watching our roots grow down and the stems grow up the past few weeks. We noticed some seeds didn’t […]

Writers of the Week

Comhghairdeas libh! It’s getting harder every week to pick only a few fantastic writers, keep up the great work everybody!

Spring Scavenger Hunt

In Senior Infants we have been learning all about what that happens in our surroundings during spring. We’ve seen the birds busy flying around and finding food. We know lambs and calves are born at this time of year because it’s warmer and there is more food growing. Plants and trees are growing because of […]

Writers of the Week

Comhghairdeas to our writers of the week in Senior Infants!