Healthy Eating Week

Today is the beginning of our Healthy Eating Week in NETNS to help launch our new Healthy Eating Policy. The classes will be participating in lots of fun activities to help them understand the changes they can make to ensure they are making healthy choices. The new policy is attached below for parents/ guardians to […]

Temperature and Weather

We have been using a thermometer to record the temperature each day. We noticed it has dropped from 8’C last week to 1’C this week. We’ve been watching the weather forecast and recording our own weather record each day. We’ve even been acting out presenting the weather forecast during Aistear. We’re hoping the temperature goes […]

After School Cancellation

Hurling, puzzles and board games, and art attack after school clubs will not be going ahead this term due to insufficient numbers.   Apologies for the inconvenience.

Infants’ Progress Meetings: Sign- up here

Progress Meetings for Junior and Senior Infants are taking place on the week of the 29th January.  In order to make scheduling meetings easier for all, we are asking parents/guardians to sign up online for a time and date that suits. To schedule a meeting, please click on the link below to choose a time and date […]

After School Sign Up Term 2

Tuesday Puzzles and Board Games Mary 1st – 3rd     Hurling Rob 1st – 3rd     Art Attack Sinead 3rd – 6th **LINK available in separate post under the heading Art Attack     Athletics Jim 1st – 6th     Science Club Elaine 4th -6th   […]

Food Dudes

Food Dudes made a very special delivery to our school this week and Senior Infants have shown they are delighted to taste their fruit and vegetables. We tried mange tout, apples, red and yellow peppers and bananas. Even if some children thought they wouldn’t like something they still tasted it and we were lucky to […]

After School Club Term 2 Timetable

After school January 18 The after school clubs will begin Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st January 2018 for 6 weeks. No activities will take place on the 13th/14th February due to midterm break. The Sign Up for the clubs will be available from 10am Saturday 20th January on the school website.

Christmas Fair Crafts

We have been busy getting ready for the Christmas Fair. We have been working hard to make beautiful ‘crann Nollag’. Hope to see you at the fair on Saturday 16th, 1pm – 3pm. The snow helped us get the Christmas feeling!  

People who work in the Community

We have been learning about people who work in our community. We are working as vets in the role play area and making a fabric and fiber picture to show what we want to be when we grow up. We are working as builders to make a local community and build buildings for all the […]

Houses and Homes

We finished making our 3d houses this week. First we printed a pattern that looks like bricks, then we cut out  2d shapes such as squares and rectangles to make windows, doors and chimneys. Finally we drew a pattern to look like slates on a roof.   Have a look at our neighbourhood.  

Houses and Homes

This week in Senior Infants we are learning about houses and homes. We are learning the characteristics of 2d shapes and identifying them in the environment. We are making maps about what we pass on our way to school and An Post is the theme in the role play area where we are sorting the […]

No after school activities next week

No after school activities will take place next week on the 14th and 15th  November as progress meetings for 1st – 6th class will be taking place. There will be two more weeks following the progress meetings with the final after school activities taking place on the 28th and 29th November.    

Dress Up Day in Senior Infants

We had great fun here on our last day before midterm. We dressed up and played games, our faces got covered in flour! We tasted cnónna, úlla, bairín breac and milseáin. We  

Nocturnal Animals

The children had a fantastic time learning about nocturnal animals in Ireland. They enjoyed acting in the role play area as hedgehogs curling up into balls when the owls swooped down and foxes sleeping in a den. They made badger setts for the clans and built tunnels to connect the setts as well as performing […]

Numicon in Senior Infants

We have been learning that the equal sign means ‘the same as’. Using numicon and counters we were making groups of items that were equal to each other. Now we’re using an adding sign to show that when you add two numbers together it is the same as the answer on the other side of […]