Firstly, congratulations to 3rd class for filling their jar full of marbles over the last few weeks. All you super hard work has paid off. The final reward was a party and we had a great party last week to celebrate. Secondly,  a huge THANK YOU to all the thoughtful parents who baked and brought […]


This week in science we have been learning about forces. A force can be a twist, a pull, a push, a catch, a stretch or a squeeze. We can’t see a force but we can see the effects of force. A force can make an object speed up, slow down, change direction or change shape. […]

Curragh Walk

A big thank you to 2nd, 3rd and 4th class for being so responsible on the walk in the Curragh. It was so enjoyable to bring you and we look forward to going again.                        

Do Fish Wear Pyjamas?

A big thank you to Mario Corrigan who came in to speak about his book ‘Do Fish Wear Pyjamas?’. It was very interesting finding out how he created the book with another 3rd class in Kildare. He had a look at our books and was very impressed with our illustrations, blurbs and character descriptions. We’re […]

Write-a-Book Project

While some children put the finishing touches to their books others enjoyed reading each others. 3rd class have now published their books and next week, before they get sent off to another 3rd class somewhere in Kildare, we’ll share them with other classes as part of Book Week. I’m delighted with all your hard work […]

Black Beard the Pirate by Rowan Murray

This week in third we have been drafting and editing our stories for The Write a Book Project. We have been concentrating on creating interesting characters, realistic setting as well drafting a story with a beginning, a problem and a resolution. When the books are finished they’ll be sent off to another 3rd class in […]

Look at our caterpillars!

Board Game Fun!

Solar System

Last week we made loads of lovely textures on little squares of paper. This week we cut them out to make a solar system. Some people added a few newly discovered planets! Each painting is completely original which makes our work even more interesting. Budding artists in third class for sure!

Putting the final touches to our India project.

Fabric from India

Third class had so much fun looking at the fabrics I brought back from India. I showed them the 5 metres of beautiful silk worn as a Sari by Indian women. The children made out a list of things they would like to research next week; Religions in India Food eaten in India History of […]


This week is 3rd class we have begun to learn about India. So far some of the interesting facts we’ve learned are India is located in South Asia It lies between Pakistan, China and Nepal It is customary to greet other people by putting your hands together, nodding your head slightly ad saying ‘Namaste’. The […]


This week 3rd class made beautiful lanterns.

Craft Fair Preparations

3rd class put the final touches to their cards for the craft fair at the end of term. We made backgrounds with inks last week and everybody made their own unique pattern with their favourite colours. They turned out beautiful!

Thank you John and Karen! Learning about Pfizer…

A big, big, BIG thank you to Karen and John for coming into 3rd class today. 3rd class have been learning about people who work in our area. We were lucky that Liam’s parents had free time to come in and tell us all about work at the Pfizer plant. We learned that they work […]