Thank you John and Karen! Learning about Pfizer…

A big, big, BIG thank you to Karen and John for coming into 3rd class today. 3rd class have been learning about people who work in our area. We were lucky that Liam’s parents had free time to come in and tell us all about work at the Pfizer plant. We learned that they work […]

Letter Writing

This week 3rd class learned how to write formal letters. We are writing to the National Stud to find out information for our projects. We had to think of questions that would help us learn about who works there and what their jobs are. All we have left to do is address our letters and then […]

In 3rd class last week…

Eve Cash in 3rd class wrote about what we have been doing in 3rd class in her my best work copy… In art last week 3rd class made stencils. I made a penguin and a top hat. Now I’m going to tell you how to make a stencil. Fisrt draw a picture then cut it […]

Beautiful Clay Piggies!

                                                 3rd class first learned how to join pieces of clay to make long lasting, sturdy sculptures. We joined pieces using a technique that uses texture. The little piggies should last for ages, […]

Eager Readers!


Disco Fun

3rd Class all dressed up for the disco!

3rd Class Writers

The children in third class have been given a choice to write about whatever they want in their ‘My Best Work’ copies. The children can use this copy to write whatever they want with whatever they want and they don’t have to worry about spelling mistakes. The work so far has been incredible and there […]

Multiplication Masters

Masters at Multiplication This week third class tackled multiplication in maths. It was a rocky road at first but the children are beginning to master the multiples! We are going to start playing Splat! more often in class and we’re hopefully going to get quicker and quicker at recalling the facts. Reflections We investigated objects […]

Collage inspired by Henri Matisse

  Henri Matisse was a French painter who became very famous for using extraordinarily bold colours. Later in life, as his health began to fail, Matisse turned to making collages. 3rd class used what they have been learning in maths – parallel, horizontal, vertical lines and right angles – to make a collage with bold […]

Toys that were around in 1923

Practising handwriting in the old style

Class of 1923

School in 1923

The children sitting beside the fire in the classroom. Usually the Master or Mistress sit ighth in front of it and take all the heat!

Curragh Walk

Having a look at the burrow of a hare in the Curragh.

Does air take up space?