‘Our School’ in Senior Infants

This week senior infants finished the theme ‘Our School’.  We worked really well at our stations in our groups and in pairs. Take a look at the pictures of us in action!   We also finished our first novel ‘James and the Giant Peach’. We absolutely loved the story and were very eager to see […]

Basketball News

    This week in afterschool basketball, the boys and girls have been working hard on their dribbling and shooting skills. We also started some small half court games where we all did a great job of passing the ball to everyone on our team. Each team played really well and we all kept moving […]

This week in Senior Infants

    This week in senior infants we have started a new Aistear theme ‘Our School’. We started the week off with a tour of the school where we walked through all the school corridors and counted all the classrooms and teachers in the school. At circle time we also discussed all the members of […]

Nocturnal Animals in Senior Infants

This week in senior infants the class have been learning about nocturnal animals. We looked at bats, badgers, foxes, hedgehogs and owls. We enjoyed learning about the different features of each animal and about their habitats. We watched different videos on each of the animals too! Did you know that bats are the only true […]

Afterschool Basketball

    Afterschool basketball has begun! We started out our first session with some dribbling and hand skills in groups. We focused on our left and right hand dribbling, cross over and putting the ball through our legs. We also played a fun game of ‘knockout’. We worked on using our legs to help shoot […]

Autumn part 2 in Senior Infants

    This week in senior infants we finished up on the topic of ‘Autumn’. We played some fun games and looked at different types of scarecrows and why scarecrows are important to farmers. We also looked at how scarecrows are made using clothes, straw and held up using a large stick. We then designed […]

‘Autumn’ in Aistear

This week in Aistear, senior infants have been busy learning about  Autumn and all the beautiful things that come with this season. The students went on a nature walk and looked at different trees, leaves and noted many things they saw along their walk. We worked really well with our partners and even collected up […]

This week in Senior Infants

This week in Senior Infants we finished off out Aistear theme, ‘Myself and My Family’. We got very artistic this week and we drew all the members in our families and stuck them on to our painted trees. We also started reading words this week and revised all the sounds of the alphabet. We are […]

A Colourful Week in Senior Infants

  This week, senior infants completed their first full week in school. It was a fun packed week of activities including games, stories and Aistear! Senior infants have started their first aistear topic; ‘Myself and my Family’ and they are really enjoying the different stations. There has been some great acting in roleplay, building styles […]

Week one complete in Senior Infants!

    Welcome back all Senior Infants to N.E.T.N.S to what is sure to be a great year. This week was a fun packed week for both classes. Both senior infant classes took part in various class games, started learning new rhymes and songs and carried out some fun Maths station games. Aistear will begin […]

Keeping Active in Senior Infants

What a fantastic week we had with all the activities that took place around the school throughout the week. We filled up our classroom calendar at the beginning of the week and we couldn’t wait to get going each day for Active Week! We started out the week with an amazing obstacle course that started […]

All things water!

This week in Aistear, senior infants are exploring water and the needs for water, as well as participating in different activities. As their junk art, the students are designing and investigating how to create a boat that will stay upright and float on water. Other activities in Aistear include water safety, experiment on objects that […]

Senior Infants at Sports Day

On Wednesday, senior infants took part in the annual school Sports Day which was held in the local rugby club grounds. The students were extremely exited about the day ahead. The students started out the day doing fun activities such as playing on the bouncy castle, an obstacle course, dress up race, bean bag throwing, […]

Girls Senior Basketball Game Result

      The sixth class girls travelled to Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School on Thursday morning to play in the Leinster Educate Together Primary School Cup Competition. The team were full of nerves but were also excited to play away in a different venue. The game started out strong for Newbridge Educate Together […]

This Week in Senior Infants

In Aistear this week, senior infants finished off the theme ‘Farming’. We enjoyed learning about farming and all the animals that live on the farm. Sinéad brought in many pictures of animals from her own family farm and discussed the farming year cycle which included where cows go at different times of the year and […]