Senior Infant’s News

Another busy week in Sinéad’s senior infants class as we completed our second week of Power Hour. We also finished off our Aistear stations and looked at the important jobs that our Gardaí and Doctors have within the community. We also enjoyed visits from 2 parents who kindly gave their time to sharing information on […]

Power Hour in Sinéad’s Senior Infants

This week senior infants started Power Hour. The boys and girls were so excited to start. Each night they bring home a new book to read and in school they are carrying out some fun activities at different stations. They are using iPads, blending sounds, doing fun memory games and reading books. In Aistear senior […]

6th Class Basketball

  Over the past week, the 6th class boys and girls basketball teams competed in two away games as part of the Cuman na mBunscol schools competition. Lucky enough the first game was a very short journey across the road to Gaelscoil Cill Dara. The nerves were high for the first outing but both the […]

Winter Art in Senior Infants

This week senior infants finished up on the topic of ‘Houses and Homes’. We designed some really great houses at the construction station and we tested the stability of them by trying to blow down our wooden and brick houses just like the big bad wolf did in the well known story, “The Three Little […]

All About the House!

This week senior infants are learning all about different types of homes. The class learned all about 2D shapes so now they are busy creating houses out of 2D shapes. Senior infants are designing fantastic houses with lots of colour and extra details like gates, garages and front walls to their houses. In roleplay, the […]

Halloween fun in Senior Infants!

This week was another busy week. We finished off our aistear theme on ‘Nocturnal Animals’ and we also learnt about Oiche Shamhna. We looked at songs including “Púca, Púca” and “Oiche Shamhna” and we finished our week with a Gaeilge Halloween party. We learnt about some Halloween traditional snacks such as Bairín breac, úlla, milseáin […]

Senior Infants News

Maths week this week and senior infants looked at shape, data and measure for the three days. We went to the halla on Thursday to work at stations. Michael’s 4th class worked with the boys and girls to teach them about different ways of measuring: liquid, length and weight. We had a lot of fun […]

Senior Infants News

This week in senior infants, the class completed their Autumn aistear stations. Everyone took home their conker and have the job of minding the conker by helping it to grown by giving it water and sunshine. We learnt two Autumn songs: “Autumn Leaves” and “Acorn Tree”. We are almost halfway through the class novel; ‘The […]

Autumn is here!

This week in senior infants we are learning all about Autumn. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year with the vast amount of colour that is around us. In senior infants we started out the week with a lovely Autumn nature walk and we worked in pairs to find and collect some items from […]

Patterns in Senior Infants

This week senior infants finished their aistear stations for ‘Our School’ and spoke more about class and school rules and why it is important to have rules in place. In Maths, the boys and girls are learning about patterns. Patterns are all around us. They can be found on lots of fabrics such as clothes, […]

Senior Infants: Our School

Another busy week for senior infants. We made a visit to the foyer to meet a special visitor ‘Jack’ the greyhound. The countdown is on for our school fundraiser: Family Fun Race Night at the Newbridge Greyhound Stadium. The fundraiser takes place on Friday the 13th of October. There will be an art competition on […]

So far in Sinéad’s Senior Infants

  How quickly the first few weeks have gone by! Senior infants are really into the swing of things again and revising all their sounds and blending sounds together as they prepare for reading later this year. Senior infants have also finished their first Aistear theme; ” Myself and my Family”. The boys and girls […]

Final week in Senior Infants

  I cannot believe the year is almost over and that i am writing my final class blog! What a year it has been. It was active week this week and senior infants enjoyed the variety of activities carried out all week. Activities such as penalty shootout, skip-a-ton, long distance running and Drop Everything and […]

Sinéad’s Senior Infants at Stonebrook Farm

Senior infants were super excited the week of the school tour. We counted down the days in our classroom calendar. In Aistear we were learning all about the farm so we were very prepared for the trip! The day finally arrived and everyone was ready for the big day out. Off we went to Stonebrook […]

Farming fun!

Senior infants got stuck into farming this week as we carried out some really fun activities in the classroom. We made some lovely chicks and used straw to make cozy beds. We also sowed seeds on a farming worksheet and made some great patterns with the seeds. In the play station, the students got stuck […]