A Colourful Week in Sinéad’s 5th class

Another week done and dusted and the 5th class boys and girls are really into the swing of things. This week the class started long division and went into groups. We practiced repeated subtraction as our warm up into the topic and then looked at our division tables. 5th class finished off the topic of […]

Sinéad’s 5th Class trip to the Curragh

During the week, 5th class prepared for their trip to the Curragh. The boys and girls listened to facts and stories about the Curragh and discussed the old story of St. Brigid, and her link to the Curragh. They looked at different wildlife and plants also. On Thursday, 5th class took at trip to the […]

5th Class survey

Last week, the teachers wanted to try out a new style of yard to keep everyone safe on yard. There was a running area and a chill out area.The chill out area was the basketball court and the running area was the edge of the court to the steps.We asked people how they liked it. […]

This Week in 5th!

Another great week in 5th as the boys and girls moved on to learning about multiplication and little quick tricks on carrying out multiplication using their heads. The class started learning about the Aztecs and the wonderful art work carried out by them. They looked at the importance of Gods and irrigation too. In P.E, […]

After school Basketball UPDATE

Hi all, Just to let you know that after school basketball will include 3rd class also for term 1. Therefore, basketball is available for 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class. Basketball will take place on Tuesdays in the school hall for 6 weeks at 24 euro. The 24 euro will include spot prizes with […]

5th Class are Full of Heart this week!

  This week we learned all about the heart. We looked at the four chambers of the heart and the circulation of the blood. We were fascinated at all the work the heart has to do in order to move blood around our entire bodies. We drew heart diagrams into our SESE hard backs and […]

5th Class Update

Another week has flown by and 5th class are learning about Operations in Maths. In English, the class are finished their 2nd draft of report writing on the Céide Field’s and in Gaeilge the class are continuing to revise an aimsir chaite and record verbs in their briathra notebook. At the end of the week, […]

Fun in 5th!

One full week of school down already. The class are really into the routine in the classroom now. This week we started our Briathra in Gaeilge and recording our verbs in our books. We also played a fun quiz on Friday looking back over phrases and vocabulary covered as Gaeilge during the week. We were […]

First week in 5th

  This week, fifth class settled into their new classroom and a big welcome back was had. Everyone was happy to see their friends again and as a class we played drama games, discussed our interests and revised the school rules and expectations. On Friday, the class took a walk through the car park and […]

Final Week in Senior Infants

The final weekly blog of senior infants has come upon us. Cannot believe it. What a year we had! For our final week, NETNS carried out Active Week and it was a glorious week to be outside getting plenty of exercise. We started our morning with Cha Cha Slide dancing on yard, followed by a […]

A Super Fun Sports Day for Senior Infants!

With the nice sunny weather out of sight, we really got lucky with a nice dry day for sports day down at the Curragh rugby club on Tuesday. Senior infants had such a blast as they made their way through all the stations. They enjoyed activities such as; the bouncy castle, water race, the obstacle […]

Senior Infants on the Farm

    What glorious weather we have these past few days. It was a short week, but a seriously busy one too. Senior infants had a really special day on their school tour to Karibu Farm on Thursday. The boys and girls set out early on their bus trip to the farm. Senior infants completed […]

A Healthy Week for Senior Infants

This week in senior infants, the boys and girls have finished the topic of “Taking Care of Myself”. The class discussed the importance of getting regular exercise, eating well and looking after ourselves both body and mind. Senior infants looked at how important it is to have good hygiene. We worked at the dental surgery […]

This Week in Senior Infants

What a glorious week we have had. It was great to have the sunshine this week. We have started a new topic in Aistear and we are really excited about it. It is “Taking Care of Myself”. This week we discussed how we can look after ourselves with healthy eating and staying active. We also […]

Forces and Electricity in Senior Infants

This week senior infants started the week off with their class party for filling the class marble jar. Senior infants enjoyed ice cream cones, story time and free play with bubbles. Senior infants were super scientists this week as they explored magnets, electricity, floating and sinking and the forces of push and pull in their […]