Happy Easter Junior Infants!

We have done great work this term in Junior Infants and we are very excited to find out what the next term has in store! We hope that everyone has a lovely holiday and we can’t wait to see you all back again safe and sound in May! Thanks for working so hard over the […]

Gaeilge in Junior Infants

The following link is very useful and educational to the children in Junior Infants as they are learning lots of new vocabulary as Gaeilge. Cartoons such as Spongebob and Garfield are available to view as Gaeilge on the  TG4 website. Click in the Cula 4 link! www.tg4.tv

Damhsa Mor in Junior Infants

In preparation for St. Patrick ’s Day we made some fantastic badges! We coloured in the shamrocks green and then we used crepe paper to design our shamrocks. The end result looked amazing! Well done everyone! As part of Seachtain na Gaeilge we learnt some new dances. Junior Infants have been trying really hard with […]

News from Junior Infants!

Junior Infants have been doing lots of work over the last week! In Sacra’s class we have been having fun experimenting in our Science lesson! We have been exploring magnets and we investigated whether materials are magnetic or not. We found out that many things are magnetic, such as paper clips, spoons and money. We […]

Fantastic Homework In Junior Infants

It was our first week having homework in Junior Infants. We were so impressed and proud of the children in our classes for trying so hard and doing so well every night with their homework.  All the children were super excited when handing in their completed work every morning! Well done everyone! Keep up the […]

Art work in Junior Infants

Welcome back everyone! We hope everyone had a lovely time off over the Christmas break.   Take a look at the photos below of the lovely Christmas jumpers that we made in the week running up to Christmas! We had great fun designing them and some of the children from 5th class and 6th class came […]

Hardworking Junior Infants!

Everyone in Junior Infants created a beautiful Christmas card to give to someone special during our Art lesson this week. First we coloured in pictures of Santa and Rudolph. Then we cut around the pictures really carefully. Everyone was super safe when using the scissors! We stuck the pictures onto the front of our coloured card and everyone […]

Having fun with print painting!

We have been using paints and sponges to make some fantastic prints during our art lessons. The children chose some sponges to use to make their prints.  The shapes they used was a squirrel, a tree, a hedgehog, a rabbit and an owl.  First we put some bright paint on some paper plates.  We then […]

Scientists in Junior Infants!

 This week Junior Infants became little scientists while carrying out a fun experiment in Science! We wanted to know what would happen to chocolate buttons when we put them near some heat. Can you guess what happened?? First of all we placed some chocolate buttons in a container. We then placed the buttons over a […]

Junior Infants learn about Autumn

Junior Infants have been learning all about Autumn this week. Some of the children went on nature walks with their families and brought in some of the things they found. We had lots of conkers and nuts to show everyone.  We also learnt that the leaves on trees change colour in Autumn and they begin […]

Well done Junior Infants!

Hello everyone, we have had a very busy and exciting first few weeks in Junior Infants! We have already begun to learn so many things and have made many new friends.  Jolly Phonics We have begun our Jolly Phonics and have finished learning about the letters s, a, t and i. Everyone has also made […]

Our school tour!

Yesterday we went on our  school tour to the sports hall in UCD. First, third and fourth classes also joined us on this fun and exciting day! Everyone had the opportunity to take part in many fun activities throughout the day including unihoc, rock climbing, wobbly ladder, the amazing zorbee ball,the  human football table, an inflatable obstacle […]

Some history facts from second class!

We have been learning lots of new and interesting things this week in second class. In History we have been learning lots of new things about Helen Keller. She was born in America in 1880. When she was two years old she got very sick and became blind and deaf. When she was seven, a […]

Busy week in 2nd Class!

Hello everyone! Second class has been very busy this week as we decided to take part in the “Incredible edibles” project. This project will allow us to find out lots of new things about different vegetables, their uses and how important it is to have a healthy balanced diet. We made a great start to […]

Hello from 2nd class!!

Over the last number of weeks we have been very busy learning lots of new things in 2nd Class! In Maths we have been focusing on fractions. We have used imaginary bars of chocolates and bags of sweets to help us divide things up into ½ and ¼. We were all wishing it was real […]