Poetry and Projects in Róisín’s 5th by Abbie, Isabelle and Cian T

This week we have been learning about poetry. We have learned about alliteration, similes, contrasting images, adjectives and powerful words. At the end of the week we wrote our own poems! Here are some of the different poems that we did: The Magical Whale  I am the magical whale, I don’t eat fish I eat […]

Róisín’s 5th

This week in 5th we learned all about the Curragh. We talked about the plants and animals that live there and took a trip to see what we could spot! We were particularly curious to see if we could find the rare and endangered Waxcap Fungi and were delighted when this mission was successful! The […]

Róisín’s 5th Class

English This week in Róisín’s 5th class we have been learning about report writing. The students have done such a wonderful job. Some students wrote about crystals, horses, YouTube and Sea Life. They learned that report writing has to always be factual and that they can be very helpful if you want to learn something […]

Róisín’s 5th

We’ve had an extremely busy few weeks in 5th class. In Literacy we have been learning how to write recounts. We’ve also been revising prepositions, adverbs, nouns, pronouns…the list goes on! AND we’ve been making these fun by playing lots of writing games to build on these skills! We also started our class novel, “Holes” […]

Róisín’s 2nd Class

Lots of hard work took place in 2nd class this week! The children were very busy in Maths, constructing and drawing 3D shapes and exploring their properties. In Gaeilge, we had great fun acting out the story “Teilfís Nua” in small groups and learning how to answer the question “Cad a chonaic tú?” (What did […]

Róisín’s Second Class

The children have worked hard this week. In History, they wrote about how castles were attacked, describing the merits of weapons such as battering rams, siege towers and trebuchets. They have also been very carefully planning their very own castle models and construction will commence very soon! In music this week, we’ve been learning about […]

Castles in Róisín’s 2nd!

Castles is our new topic! We’ve been having so much fun learning about all the clever design features that helped to protect castles against attack. We’ve also been finding out about the weapons and tricks that were used during the middle ages when planning an attack on a castle. On Friday, we studied some art […]

Róisín’s 2nd Class

  The children have had another great two weeks of fun and discovery! Our topic has been The Arctic and we’ve learned so much about Arctic weather, animals, landscape, location and about the people who’ve managed to survive there for thousands of years. A lot of this information we actually learned from each other, which […]

Róisín’s Second Class

This has been our final space themed week and, we have all agreed, it will be sadly missed! We have done so much exploring around the topic and over the past three weeks, the children have produced some of their best work yet. This week, we wrote thank you letters to the sun, based on […]

Super Space and Fabulous Fractions!

Hello everyone! Just to give you a taste of how hard the children have been working this week, here are a few examples of the poems they wrote after we watched a time lapse clip by NASA of the view of Earth from the International Space Station. When I Looked At Earth I Saw.. The […]

Space and Symmetry in 2nd Class!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your children serenading you with Elton John’s Rocket Man this week! It has been just one of the many highlights from this week’s Space topic! 🙂 We’ve been discovering so much about our solar system. On Wednesday, the children gathered some of their planet facts together to write “Who Am […]

Second Class Working Hard

We’ve been having lots of fun in second class this week and the children have been working so hard. In maths, we have been busy telling the time on all sorts of clocks! Homemade clocks, analogue clocks, digital clocks, toy clocks, real clocks and online clocks! We focused on half past, a quarter to and […]