Science experiment and stations

    We had a busy week in second class this week. on Tuesday we put our science hats,googles and lab coats on and we did our first experiment. We don’t know if it worked we have to wait for 6 weeks to find out!!! But if it did we will have some cool crystals. […]

Roald Dahl

  We had great fun celebrating Roald Dahl day this week. We watched a song from Matilda the musical, we did a Roald Dahl show and tell. We created our very own monsters but the most amazing thing was that we drew along with Quentin Blake. We drew a Oompa Loompa, Willy Wonka and the […]

Olympic games

    This week we had lots of fun. We started all our books and are getting used to school again.We are making lots of new friends in school this year. Our classroom is in the yellow corridor and we are upstairs woo.   We learned lots about the Olympics this week and especially the Paralympics. We didn’t […]

Graduation 2016

Last night we had our end of year graduation. We designed and decorated the hall ourselves during the day. We were all very excited for the night ahead. At 7.30 the graduation started. Michelle opened the night with an amazing speech and then we performed two tear jerking songs. everybody said we were brilliant and […]

Getting ready for secondary school

Our school day today was a bit different. from the first minute we were thrown into the mindset that we are entering secondary school next year. WE had a fantastic teacher from secondary school come in today to teach and answer all our questions. One of the biggest things we learned was how to read […]

Great sports day

We had a great day on our very last sports day. We were determined to enjoy every last activity but we had one big problem, the heat!! It was so warm that we had to find some shade and get some water into us. We had great fun all day and in particular the bouncy […]

Fiona O’Loughlin

We were very lucky to meet the Assistant Whip to the Fianna Fáil Party on our trip to the Dail. Fiona took time from her busy to day to greet us at the beginning and to answer our many questions at the end. We had a fantastic tour with a very friendly tour guide. We […]

Trip to the Dáil

We are very excited about our upcoming trip to the Dáil on Wednesday. We have an awful lot of questions about the Dáil and we look forward to getting them answered. This week we listened to Jacqueline Wilson, she described her interests and how she is able to to create such interesting characters. We developed […]

We are back in business

We are back after our fantastic trip. back with a bang, We were very busy in class this week, we had lots of tests but we also examined the Romans and their love of mosaics. The Romans loved to have mosaics in their villas. We designed and created our own mosaics. It was great fun but […]

Building our world

This week in class as part of our Geography lessons we are building our own world map using pasta!! Our first step was to sketch out the world map which was expertly done by a member of our class, we then painted the oceans carefully and not so carefully. We learned that there are 5 […]

And the winners are……

Sixth class want to say a big thank you to the school for allowing us to use the halla glas all day Friday, to our fantastic students who baked, bought raffle tickets and trusted our baking abilities and bought so many cakes on Friday. I hope everyone enjoyed them, We know we did nom nom. […]

Bake Sale

We are holding a cake sale / raffle on Friday 8th of April. Funds raised will be used to help subsidise the 6th class trip to the Gaeltacht and Graduation. The times for the cake sale are as follows: CAKE SALE: 9.30 – 12.00 in the Halla Glas. RAFFLE: 12.30 in Peter’s room We would […]

Top secret

Sixth class have uncovered some secret files on the seven signatories of the proclamation. Next week we will look into the seven signatories more. We are also coming up with some very creative ideas for our 1916 drama. This week we also got to raise our gaelbhratach. We as a whole school put a lot […]

Sugar high

This week the whole school examined how healthy our lunch boxes were, in sixth class as part of our nutrition lessons we wanted to examine how much sugar did our school eat. Today we went around the school to every class and collected every wrapper we could. We studied the nutritional information and calculated the […]

Road safety

We had a very important talk today about road safety. We learned that we have a huge role to play in our own road safety. We went through the importance of looking both ways when crossing the road but also to have patience when crossing the road. One fact that surprised us was at traffic […]