Awesome Authors in 4th class

Over the last number of weeks 4th class have been busy writing and illustrating their own books. As part of the “Write a book” programme the children were given the task of coming up with a book of their own design. A huge amount of work and effort went into planning, designing, editing and publishing […]

4th Class News

This week in 4th class we started a new novel. It’s called Little Croker and is written by Joe O’Brien. The story follows a boy called Danny and his football team Littlestown Crokes. We are really enjoying the book so far and have made predictions of what we think will happen in the story. In […]

Romans, Volcanoes and Lava Lamps

We have had a very busy few weeks in Michael’s 4th class. To finish off the wonderful work we did in our Roman’s projects each group presented their findings to the class. The presenters were very well prepared and even had introductions, conclusions and note cards for important facts! In science we made our own […]

Celebrating National Tree Day

Thursday was National Tree Day and to mark the occasion we decided to plant some of the nuts and seeds we have been gathering on our nature walks and at home. We planted a horse chestnut, beech seed, apple seeds and hazelnuts. After putting them into pots with compost we watered them carefully and left […]

Potty Senior Infants

This week in Senior Infants we had great fun in Art. We used clay to make really cool pots. We started out with a lump of flat brown clay which we squashed up into a ball. Next we rolled it on the table to make it smooth and round. Then we stuck our thumbs into […]

Welcome back Senior Infants

Welcome back to all the boys and girls in Senior Infants. It was great to be greeted by such happy smiling faces on Tuesday morning and we have had a great first week back. This week we have been focusing on being great friends to each other and getting used to our new yard and […]

Fantastic Open Night

It was great to see so many friends and families here on Thursday night for our open evening. The children had worked really hard on lots of projects and it was great to have people in to display their work to. The children received great praise for their work and it was lovely to pass […]

Splish Splash

      This week in Michael’s class we had lots of fun with water. We had a challenge to find out which container could hold the most water. We estimated that the tallest container would hold the most. Were we right?? Take a look at some of our pictures and see what you think!!!

Fantastic Authors in Senior Infants

We have been working very hard recently on writing our very own books in Senior Infants. In small groups we brainstormed ideas for the stories we are writing and each group picked the idea they liked best to be the topic for their story. There are lots of different jobs that need to be done. […]

One Day Together

To celebrate One Day Together we had a very exciting treat this week. Both Senior Infants classes joined together to get in contact with boys and girls in another school. Using the Interactive White Board and a laptop we made a Skype call to Senior Infants/First Class and their teacher Josh from Kildare Educate Together. […]

Tick Tock

In Senior Infants this week we have been learning how to tell the time. We found out that the arrows on the clock are called “hands” and that the numbers 1-12 are on the clock face. Using our own clocks for practice we put the big hand at 12 and the small hand at 3 […]

Fishy Business

This week in Senior Infants we were using clay in art. We looked at some different designs to give us inspiration for creating our very own sea creatures. When we got our clay we moulded it into a sausage shape and then used various techniques to add detail. Once the clay has dried we will […]

Working like Elves…….

This week we have been really busy preparing for the Winter Fair. We have been using our skills in construction and painting to make some fabulous decorations to display at the Fair. We are really excited to show off our hard work! As this is a very busy time of the year we have been […]

Fun on Grandparents’ Day

This week in Senior Infants we had another special visitor who came to tell us about how they help people. Garda Niamh stopped by to tell us a little bit about life as a Garda and she even showed us some handcuffs that she sometimes has to use as part of her job. She told […]

The Three Mo’sketeers!

  For the past three weeks the three Mo’sketeers have been painstakingly grooming their Mo’s! ( and everyone else has been trying not to laugh every time they see them) Movember is coming to an end shortly so of you would like to show your support you can drop a donation big or small into […]