Important visitors in Marie’s class

This week we’ve had a few very important visitors. On Tuesday we had our grandparents come to visit. Here’s a recount of their visit: Today Grandparents came to our school and they got coffee and tea and biscuits and me and Erica and Tommy and Cian Tate got to bring the Grandparents to some classes. […]

Busy week in Marie’s class

We’ve been so busy in rang a hAon this week! We’ve been working hard on our creations for the Winter fair and we also planted our mystery bulbs. We’re not sure what they might grow into but we’re having fun making predictions! We had a very interesting visit from Fireman Brian who taught us all […]

Starry Starry nights- the photos

As promised last week, here are some photos of our “Starry Starry nights”. We’re really proud of our amazing art work!

Starry nights in rang a hAon

This week in rang a hAon we’ve been really busy learning about Vincent Van Gogh’s ” Starry Starry night” and have been using the same techniques he used to create our own starry nights with painting and printing. They’re almost finished so stay tuned next week for some photos! We also learned about Neil Armstrong […]

Skipping in rang a hAon and Oíche Shamhna Fun

This week in PE we learned the correct way to hold and jump with a skipping rope. It was a lot harder than it looked! We had to get our feet to move at exactly the right time and to swing the rope high enough over our heads, we had to try loads of times […]

2D shape trail Rang a hAon

Last week we went on a 2D shape trail, to find as many 2D shapes as we could around the school. Everyone made their own graphs of the shapes we found and when we got back to the class we put all our results together to make a class graph. We also made our own […]

Construction trees

Our construction trees We finished our trees and made a PowerPoint, have a look!

Construction Trees in Rang a hAon

This week we visited junior infants to look at their wonderful junk art tree and decided to make our own. We worked in groups and designed and planned our own junk art trees. We know quite a lot about trees now as we learned about them in science and we had a trip to the […]

Our Potraits of each other

Have a look at the brilliant portraits we painted of each other! It was really nice to hear all the lovely things we said about each other when we presented our paintings to the class, in the Artist’s chair. Have a lovely weekend,  from everyone in Marie’s class  

This week in Rang a hAon

This week we spent a lot of time thinking about and looking at each other. We painted each other’s portraits and had to mix colours to paint the faces of our friends. We’re getting really good at mixing colours now and can make lighter and darker colours too. When our paintings were finished we used […]

This week in rang a hAon

We’ve been really busy this week in Marie’s class. We learned about: Geodes Frogs What a Bird’s eye view is How clothes have changed since we were babies Bia How to make our own colour wheels How to use the special lines on our handwriting copies How to rule and use our maths copies ordinal […]

Human Numberline

In Rang a hAon this week, we revised our numbers one to 20 by creating our own numberline. We had to arrange ourselves without any help from Marie. Have a look at how we did!

Our First Week in Rang a hAon

This is what happened in our first week in First class: We played our news game and we met “Roving Reporter” and we also had an anchorman back in the studio. We went to the halla and we played “pass-ball” and “whistle stop” We agreed on our Golden rules and they were really good ones, […]

Day out in Google!

We left at 9 O’clock to go to Google offices with David. We were going to find out whether we won a trophy for the best website from the Eircom Junior Spider awards. It was really exciting and fun on the way up because David told us everything he knew about Dublin on the way. […]

When I grow up…

This week in Marie’s room, we learned about people who help us and we tried to decide what we’d like to be when we grow up. Have a look at our pictures and see can you guess: