Tall ships and trees in Rang a hAon

We had such an exciting week in first class! Because it was Tree week, we learned a lot about trees and we think we can name all the parts and explain what they’re for. We also went on a very interesting leaf hunt and last week we did some fantastic drawings of trees, have a […]

Have a look at our fantastic paintings!

Here are the portraits we talked about last week! Have a look at the fantastic colours we mixed! We’re really proud of ourselves!

Another busy week in rang a hAon!

This week we learned that there are 7 continents! We also learned about the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans!. We drew our own map of the world free-hand and found that it’s a lot harder to draw than you think! We also used the artist’s chair to talk about our portraits that we painted of […]

Power hour for literacy and taste experiments in Rang a hAon

We’ve done loads this week in first class! We’ve completed our first week of Power hour for Literacy and it was great fun! There are five stations with a teacher at each and we get to do lots of fun things like reading new books, making new words, writing sentences, revising our familiar reading and […]

Lots of colour in rang a hAon

This week we’ve been so busy in rang a hAon. We’ve been reading stories about bubbles in our read at home and this led to our science experiment: “Can you make a triangular bubble?” we tried very hard, but unfortunately we could only make bubbles which were spheres, we had lots of fun though! We’re […]

First week in First class!

What a great first week we’ve had in rang a hAon! Here are some of the things that we’ve done: We met our superheroes and gave them names. We learned how to do a mind-map We learned where to keep all our books and our copies We made our Golden rules and we took turns […]

Shields, flowers and parasols completed!

We finished our constructions and we’re so proud of ourselves! Look at the fantastic job we did! We’ve had a brilliant year in first class and we’ve grown so much. We’re all ready for second class now and want to wish everyone a really interesting, fun and exciting summer holiday! See you all in the […]

Sunny Sports day Fun!

We had an amazing sports day yesterday thanks to our wonderful volunteers and the fantastic weather! Check out our photos:

Drums, shields and flowers in rang a hAon

This week we got to do the Wassa Wassa drum workshop, it was brilliant!!! We loved making our own rhythms and following the beat of the story. We also worked with circles to make a solid pattern for art.. We used paper plates to create a circular structure in pairs and some of us decided […]

Solutions in rang a hAon

This week, we’ve been learning all about solutes and solutions. We predicted that salt and sugar would not dissolve in water and that oil would, but we were wrong!! The oil would not dissolve because it actually can’t! We learned that it’s a special kind of molecule that won’t mix with water. We were amazed that […]

First class school tour Imaginosity

We had a fantastic day! Have a look at our photos

Flamenco Dancing in rang a hAon!

We’ve been learning all about Spain this week and some of us dressed up as Spanish sinoritas and performed a flamenco dance for the class! Have a look at our photos! We also learned about magnets and couldn’t believe that a euro coin is not magnetic! We found loads of things that were though! We’re […]

Busy week in rang a hAon

What a week! We had some fantastic guest readers visit our classroom and listened to some wonderful stories. A big thank you to Alison, Eimear, Hazel and Ríona ( who even came twice!) we absolutely loved your stories and you made book week so special for us! We were also really lucky to have one […]

Junior achievers rang a hAon

For the past couple of months we’ve been visited by Karen from Dell who gave up her time every Monday to come in and teach us about business and being an entrepreneur. We learned loads and really enjoyed our lessons with Karen. On the last day Karen gave us a certificate and a treat! Thank […]

Daffodils and helicopters in rang a hAon

This week we’ve been looking really closely at daffodils and how their petals and stems make many different lines and shades and colours. We’ve tried to show these different tones in our very own daffodil drawings, We used our pencils to make different shadings on our daffodils and highlighted the shadows with darker colours. We’re […]