Jellyfish in rang a hAon

We finally finished our jellyfish creations. We decided to give them the best tentacles we could find. They really help make our life cycle of a jellyfish display look very colourful. What do you think?

How long is a piece of string in first class?

This week we learned lots about measuring length. We used our hands, feet, books, pencils and cubes to measure lots of different things in our classroom. Then we looked at how long a metre stick is and used it to measure out pieces of string 1m long for all of us to use. We then […]

Buddy reading in Rang a hAon and Jellyfish art

This week we were so delighted to welcome Clara’s 4th class to help us with out reading. They were so patient and kind to us and we loved our reading session with them! have a look at our photos! We also started creating some Jellyfish art after learning about their life cycles, we used straws […]

Haikus and Jellyfish in rang a hAon

We’ve had an interesting week in first class! We learned all about syllables and how to clap them out. We needed to learn about them to help us understand how Haiku poetry works. When we read some haiku poetry for the first time it didn’t really make sense to us at all but we figured […]

We love our library time in Rang a hAon!

First week back and we’re still a bit tired from the break, so we really enjoyed our library time, where we could relax and read. We feel so lucky to have our very own library in our school that we can use just like a real library and it’s so nice to find the books […]

Decoration team work in rang a hAon

This week, we had to work together to figure out how to make a giant paper chain, with no open links as a whole class! It was really fun and not as hard as we thought! We just had to start off small in pairs first, then we joined our chain up in smaller groups […]

Appeal for missing snowman!

To anyone who might have been in the vicinity of the foyer for the Winter Fair, last Thursday evening, the 12th of December: We have lost one of our Pom Pom snowmen!!! We really need your help to find him. He was last seen hanging from a peg with all of the other Pom Pom […]

Visitors in Rang a hAon

This week we were so lucky because we had two really interesting visitors in our class. First Fireman Brian came and taught us what to do if our clothes caught fire. We now know that we need to “Stop, Drop and Roll”. We had loads of fun trying on his special clothes and helmet, they […]

How it’s made (Pom Poms Rang a hAon)

Lots of people wanted to know how we made our Pom Pom snowmen (on display in the foyer for the Winter fair tomorrow) so we took some photos of the work in progress. Have a look:

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Winter in Rang a hAon

We’ve finished our Winter crafts! Looking forward to you having a look at our creations at the winter fair. We also learned to use our cutting skills to make some fabulous snowflakes! have a look at our photos:

Bulbs and starry nights in rang a hAon

We planted mystery bulbs this week in rang a hAon! We don’t know what they are yet, Marie’s not sure either but we made a prediction about them. Some people think they might be hyacinths, some think they might be snowdrops, but most people think they are either tulips or daffodils. We can’t wait to find […]

Teeth and wool surprises in Rang a hAon

Another busy week in Rang hAon. We learned all about teeth and how to look after them. We learned that there are four kinds of teeth in our mouth but we only have 3 types now, incisors, canines and pre-molars. There are 20 milk teeth but we grow molars (the fourth type) when we we […]

Solutions and stars in rang a hAon

This week we continued our space theme and learned all about Starry Starry night by Vincent Van Gogh. We examined his technique for making shapes and colours by using little dots and strokes with his brush. We then gave this technique a go ourselves and inspired by sixth class (and Vincent of course!), we used […]

Graphs and planets in rang a hAon

This week we’ve been learning all about the solar system. We learned a new poem to help us remember the order of the planets from the sun and we learned all about stars. Did you know that a star gets hotter as it gets older and that it’s blue?!! We’re also learning about Neil Armstrong, […]

Happy Halloween from Rang a hAon

We had lots of fun this week for Halloween!  We made Halloween prints of pumpkins using polystyrene and printing rollers.  First we made a pumpkin pattern on the polystyrene, then we rolled on printing ink and carefully placed our black pages on top.  When we peeled them off, we had a pumpkin print!  We got […]