When paint is not just paint (Rang a Sé)

This week we learned a very valuable lesson that we hope to take with us as we grow older. Marie asked us to pour out some paint onto a tray and then when we were finished she asked us to put it back. It was impossible to get all of the paint back!!! In fact […]

Rugby fun in Rang a Sé

This week we were so lucky to have Neil from Newbridge Rugby come in and teach us some rugby skills. We learned loads about strength, conditioning, agility, balance and speed and really enjoyed his lesson. He’ll be with us for six weeks which is great news! Have a look at our photos:

Our own Totems (in Rang a Sé)

Have a look at our finished Totems, we spent ages perfecting them.  Each part represents a little bit of us.

Totems in sixth

We’re settling into our new routine in sixth and getting to grips with new curriculum. So far we’re doing great! We’re learning about lots of new things as well as revising our fifth class work. In SESE we’re examining the lives of Native American people and me of their cultural symbols. They used totem poles […]

Thank you Rang a hAon!

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone in First Class. Thank you for the wonderful year we all had together. Thank you for making me smile and laugh everyday. Thank you for all the hard work you all did, for always trying your best and for never giving up. Thank you […]

Bees and other minibeasts in rang a hAon

This week we were so delighted to have some very interesting visitors to our class and Hilda’s third class. Dorothy and Lily’s parents; Barry and Áine came in to teach us all about bees and beekeeping. We learned all about queen bees, drones, workers and babies. We learned how they make honey and how good […]

Word Problems tackled in Rang a hAon

We love maths in First Class but sometimes we find word problems a little confusing, so we’ve been working really hard to work out what each word sentence is looking for, to help us answer the question correctly.  We have to decide each time if the question wants us to add or take away or […]

Sharks in Rang a hAon

We learned all about sharks and their life cycle this week in First class. They’re very interesting creatures but not very nice to their babies. They just swim away when the pups are born! We wrote about the life cycle, drew a diagram and then in art, we made our own shark pictures using wool. […]

First Class school tour

Last Tuesday we went to Let’s Go camp for our school tour. It was a fantastic day and everyone had a wonderful time. We enjoyed loads of activities like Human Table Foootball, wrecking ball, KMXs, unihoc, cyclones and even ipad orienteering which was super! Have a look at the photos:

Monoprinting and Gaa skills in first class

This week we got to try Monoprinting in art and are really proud of ourselves because it can be quite tricky to get right but we did a great job! First you have to decide on your design, then you have to set up your monoprint station. In your station you have laminate, a print […]

Lizards and Frogs in Rang a hAon

We finally finished our Gaudi lizards. We painted them in a dot painting style to make it look like mosaic tiles all over them, just like Gaudi’s work. We had a great time doing this and we presented them to the class using our Artist’s chair, where we talked about the shapes and colours we […]

Fun with magnets in Rang a hAon

We learned all about magnets before the midterm break and made our own magnet fishing game. We had to add lots of numbers together to find out who won each time, we had great fun,  have a look at the photos! We are also learning all about Antoni Gaudi, the famous artist and architect. He […]

First Class Stomping it out with Sarah

We had an absolutely brilliant time this week! Sara (Ruby’s Mum) came in and took both of our classes for a Rhythm and Stomp lesson in the Halla. It was fantastic! We loved every second of it and discovered that we are all really good dancers!! Thank you so much Sara! Have a look a […]

More Da Vinci Fun in Rang a hAon

After learning all about leonardo last week, we decided to make our own parachutes (and one tank). We had lots of fun and learned a lot about problem-solving and team work. Have a look at our photos!

Da Vinci apprentices in Rang a hAon

We are learning all about Leonardo Da Vinci. He’s so interesting! As well as being a famous painter, he was also an inventor, a scientist and a doctor. He invented so many things including helicopters and parachutes. Did you know that he even invented the screw?! As part of learning about Leonardo, we had a […]