Through to the Semi-Finals in Debating!!

Well done to NETNS debating team who won their quarter final debate over St Joseph’s NS Halverstown this week. The motion was “Conserving water is not an important issue for Ireland” with NETNS opposing this motion. St Joseph’s were excellent opponents and debated at a very high standard. NETNS wish them all the best next […]

Happy Christmas from Rang a Sé

We’ve had a brilliant first term but are looking forward to a well deserved Winter’s break!! See you all in 2017 from Rang a Sé  

6th and 2nd go on a Maths Trail for Maths Week

It was Maths week this week and apart from having great fun with the countdown questions, estimation station, challenge of the day and learning all about the Fibonacci number sequence, we also invented maths games for Róisín and Tharren’s class.  We loved playing these games with second class and were really proud of ourselves when […]

Sticky art in Rang a Sé

  This week we really got “stuck” in to our art lesson. We used string, balloons and lots  and lots of PVA glue to make some decorative baubles.  They were fiddly and tricky and very very sticky but lots of fun to make.  They’re drying at the moment but hopefully they’ll be a success and […]

Debating Team News

Hi, debate team here ( Mea, Siofra, Oscar , Erin , Dianaimh and Max ), On Wednesday the 7th of December, we participated in our second debate which this time took place in Kildare Education Centre. We debated against Lackagh National School and we were opposing the motion ‘Climate Change Can’t Be Stopped’. The debate […]

Thank you Hannah (from rang a sé)

For the past 5 weeks we’ve been so lucky and privileged to have Hannah in our class. She’s helped us in so many ways and gave us some very interesting lessons. We’ve learned so much from her about China, Egypt, slavery in America, Africa and so much more. We’ll really miss Hannah and wish her […]

Grandparents visit in Rang a Sé

Sixth class were so delighted to welcome the most interesting, funny and warm visitors ever to the class this week: Our Grandparents!!! We entertained them with our singing and Bodhrán playing and even read them a poem. The best part of the visit was hot seating some of the visitors to ask them questions about […]

SARI Soccer visit

This week in sixth class we were so lucky to have representatives from Soccer Against Racism Ireland (SARI) come to visit us. They held workshops for us and both fifth classes to examine the area of racism and discrimination in sport. We talked a lot about how it feels to be excluded and how discrimination […]

Mini Science Fair in Rang a Sé

This week we had a real taste of what it will be like in the RDS Primary Science Fair when we presented our projects to classes from 4th and 5th class. It took a lot of organising and a lot of work but we really enjoyed it.   Some experiments were very successful and some […]

Science focus in sixth

This week in Rang a Sé we’ve been really busy preparing for Science Week which starts next Monday. We’ve chosen our own science projects to demonstrate for 4th and 5th next week and had to research them, source the materials, work out the method and practise them. We also need to be able to explain […]

Proud of our Portraits in Rang a Sé

Have a look at our finished Portraits, we are so proud of ourselves! Have a great midterm break and we’ll have more news for you in November! From everyone in Rang a Sé

Portrait fun in rang a Sé

This week we spent a lot of time mixing skin colours in art to match our friend’s skin tone in portrait painting.  We also thought of all the great qualities our friends have and wrote them beside our paintings to remind us of our friendships.  It was a lot harder than we thought to mix […]

Henry is not our favourite monarch (in rang a Sé)

This week we’ve been learning all about Henry the VIII and his influence in Ireland at the time of the Reformation. We were quite surprised to discover that Henry had six wives and wasn’t the nicest of husbands to most of them!  We also had a look at Silken Thomas from Kildare and discovered that […]

Soil exploration in Rang a Sé

This week in sixth class we had a really good look at soil from a wide range of locations. We used magnifying glasses to observe and classify the soil and then we we examined how much clay was in each soil sample (or how sticky our soil is!) by filtering water through it and timing […]

When paint is not just paint (Rang a Sé)

This week we learned a very valuable lesson that we hope to take with us as we grow older. Marie asked us to pour out some paint onto a tray and then when we were finished she asked us to put it back. It was impossible to get all of the paint back!!! In fact […]