SARI workshop for Rang a Sé

Last year we were delighted to get to complete a SARI workshop where we learned about discrimination in sport and how to overcome it. We were so happy is week to meet the fantastic co-ordinators again for a follow up session. They were delighted to discover that we remembered everything they taught us and are […]

Soil is more interesting than we thought! Rang a Sé investigates!

This week in Rang a Sé we learned how to carry out a scientific investigation of soil and record it correctly by writing scientifically. It turns out that there are a lot of different types of soil and soil isn’t just dirt, it’s made up of sand, clay, silt, organic matter, animals, water and air. […]

Skipping in Rang a Sé

We had a skipping for all day this week and our class absolutely loved our session with the skipping ropes! Some of us found it quite hard to get our ropes where we wanted them at first, but with a bit of patience and team work we got there in the end. We also made […]

Perfect Portraits in Rang a Sé

Working together continues this week in Marie’s class especially in visual arts, where we had to figure out how to mix the perfect shades of skin colour to paint each other’s portraits. We needed to work in pairs to mix various skin tones from scratch and it was a lot harder than it looked! We […]

Rang a Sé starting the year off with dance

We’ve only just started Sixth Class but are already getting to grips with our new routine. Marie says it’ll get easier so we’ll let you know if it does later on! There’s a lot to remember and a lot of hard work but we’re smiling a lot too so still lots of fun happening in […]

Farewell from sixth class

Thank you on behalf of sixth class to everyone who came to say goodbye to us yesterday and for the amazing and very emotional guard of honour from all the students and teachers in the school. It was a perfect send off and we loved it. We will miss you all, but will be back […]

Woolly times in Rang a Sé

Have a look at the knitting we did in sixth class. We’re really proud of it! Thanks to Abdul for sewing it all together for us.   We also had a Wassa Wassa drum workshop which was great fun! Here are some photos of our finished drawings of parts of our school building. We’re really […]

A thank you to our parents for Sports Day

We’ve had another wonderful Sports Day this week but it couldn’t take place without the fantastic help from our NETNS parents. Thank you so much to those of you who gave up an entire day (with a very early start!) to volunteer with us, we really, really appreciate it and are very grateful for your […]

Athletics on the Curragh with Larry for Rang a Sé

Huge thanks to Emily’s Dad Larry from Newbridge Athletics Club, who took us out to the Curragh for an athletic’s lesson.   We really enjoyed it and learned loads! Thanks a million Larry!   Have a look at our photos:  

Fun for Rang a Sé at Sports Day

We had a great day and loved every minute! We even managed to draw with the teachers in the annual Student-Teacher match. Have a look at the photos:  

Fun in Dún na nGall for Rang a Sé

We all survived and loved every second of the Gaeltacht! Have a look at some photos of us over the week:

Getting ready for the Gaeltacht, Rang a Sé

Next week we get to visit the Donegal Gaeltacht and are very much looking forward to this. We know it’s a long journey but we’ll have the time of our lives when we get there. One of the things that we will get to do during the week is perform for the other schools, in […]

Happy book week in Sixth Class

Lots of book related activities going on this week in NETNS to honour book week. Here’s  a photo of us dressing up as our favourite book characters (some of us look like normal sixth class students so you might have to stretch your imagination a little to guess who we are!)

Drawing with perspective in rang a sé

We made use of the lovely weather this week in sixth class, by taking our drawing lesson outdoors. We wanted to capture some of the school building in our drawings using perspective, so we chose a place to sit in the yard and focussed on one part of the building. We were only allowed to […]

Zeeko internet awareness in Rang a Sé

This week in sixth class we had Ursula from Zeeko visit us and teach us all about appropriate use of the Internet. We learned about the effect of blue light on our brains if we spend too much time on our screens especially just before we go to sleep. Did you know that your brain […]