5th Class This Week

This week in 5th class was a very busy one! We learned more about archaeology and artefacts. Some of us brought in artefacts from home. We sketched pictures of them and talked about their origins and possible uses. One of the artefacts was a wooden bowl  brought in by in by Ciara. It was carved […]

5th Class Fossils

This week in 5th class we have been learning about archaeology. Did you know that archaeologist always dig square holes? It’s true! They dig neat, organised, square holes on a grid system. This helps them keep records of where they make each find! Look at some fossils we made!

Baking & Bubbles

Well done to everyone in Katie’s class who worked hard together to win all 28 cooking points! Getting all 28 cooking points meant that we got to bake a cake. All the boys and girls helped to make and stir the batter! It smelled wonderful as it was baking and in the end we had […]

Space Exploration in Junior Infants

This week Junior Infants have been on some exciting space adventures. We read the story ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jefferies and completed some exciting activities about it. We  made a timeline of the beginning middle and end of the story and  then we drew a map telling the whole story! We also got […]

Learning about the Five Senses

Junior Infants were again working really hard this week. It’s be incredible to see how much progress everyone has made settling in and getting use to their new environment Its really great to have see how everyone is making new friends and today the children played and shred their toys really nicely on yard. Well […]

A Super Second Week in School!

Wow what a busy week in Junior Infants! We completed loads of exciting learning activities. In literacy we practiced how to hold our pencil using our ‘pincher’ and ‘helper’ and drew lots of different types of lines; straight lines, wavy lines, zig-zag lines and swirls! In Maths we discovered how to sort socks and played lots […]

Spring has finally Sprung!

Check out some of our spring activities.

Pushes, Pulls and Twists Continued

The Great Explorer

This week in Junior Infants we were reading a brilliant book by Chris Judge called ‘The Great Explorer’. It helped us learn all about the North Pole, igloos, Winter and keeping warm! We built igloos and ice castles. We designed outfits for the Winter and as well as that we tried out a very cool […]

This Week In Junior Infants.

This week in Junior Infants we read a lovely book called ‘Lost and Found’. It was a really nice story where a little boy helped a lonely penguin. It helped us learn all about sinking and floating and we even made our very own boats. We made maps going to the South Pole. Penguins come […]

A Week in the Woodlands

This week in Junior Infants we had a fantastic week exploring and learning all about the Autumn woodlands! We discovered that the leaves on trees turn all sorts of colours like red, and brown and gold.  This is because the tree is taking back important energy from the leaves as it heads into the cold […]

A Super First Week of School

Well done to all the Junior Infants this week for their super hard work in school. It was a great start to what will be a fantastic year! Today we talked in class about our favourite activities of the week. Everyone really liked seeing their new classrooms, exploring the libraries, the different work areas and […]

Art this week!

A Week Out of This World!

This week in Junior Infants we have been learning all about space. It has been really fun. We have made space rockets and jet packs with our junk art, drew pictures of aliens, wrote space word lists and we were even in the space station! Nasa asked our class to fly up in a rocket […]

This week in Junior Infants!

This week we had a very busy week! Our clothes chop was open again and it had some interesting visitors! Goldilocks came in looking for some Summer clothes and Daddy Bear brought Baby Bear in looking for some Spring clothes. It was pretty hectic! All of a sudden there was an accident then and poor Baby Bear […]