In Karen’s class this week…

This week Karen’s class have been very busy.  In Geography, we packed a bag for going on holiday to a hot country and we had to decide what type of clothes we should bring.  Then we packed a bag for a winter holiday in the snow, we had to be sure to have lots of […]

Googly-eyed spiders in our classroom!

We had so much fun at the Fancy Dress Disco and our bunting looked super on the wall with all the other wonderful decorations.  Karen had a hard time at the start of the day trying to recognise the children in her class; there were witches and vampires, princesses and doctors – everyone looked amazing.  […]

Karen’s Senior Infants

This week in Maths we have been learning about 2D shapes.  We put circles, squares, triangles and rectangles in a bag and dipped our hands inside to pick one.  We couldn’t look at the shape instead we had to describe it, telling how many sides and/or corners it had.  If it had four corners, we had […]

Karen’s Senior Infants class

  This week in Geography we learned about maps and drawing maps.  We studied a map of our classroom and then we worked together in pairs to draw a map of our corridor, including all of the classrooms and our entrance to the school.  The results are fantastic and the children should all be very proud […]

Karen’s Senior Infants class

As yesterday was National Tree Day, our class made fabulous paintings of trees in autumn – we used our arms, hands and fingertips to create unique and colourful paintings; well done everyone.  We are very proud of our great work and so we are going to make a lovely display for the wall outside our classroom […]