School’s out in Niamh’s 4th Class?

What an exciting run up to the school holidays, 4th class did so many fun activities. Last week the class had a Relay for Life talk about raising cancer awareness and the class created superheroes to fight cancer and raise awareness. The superheroes were so impressive that they are all going to be displayed at […]

Fantastic Sports Day- 4th Class

4th class had an amazing day at this years sports day. We had a brilliant time at all stations, they were all such good fun. Our favourites were; Dodgeball- We had time to have a few different games of this, we enjoyed being able to catch the ball and bring our team mates back in. […]

Niamh’s 4th Class

Here is some of the exciting activities 4th class did over the last two weeks. We were so lucky to partake in a drama and dance workshop run by Vicky Barry. All students participated by playing drama games, creating still images in groups and learned a new dance routine to ‘I’m still standing’ by Elton […]

Niamh’s 4th Class

4th class have been working so hard the last few weeks. Here is just some of the brilliant work that was produced. SESE- We integrated geography, science and history to learn so much about Italy, Volcanoes and about the Pompeii disaster. In geography we learned all about the country Italy. In groups we completed projects […]

Write-a-Book Competition in 4th Class

Massive congratulations to all the boys and girls in 4th class for creating their very first book. The students drafted, re-wrote, illustrated and bound their books. Well done all and we look forward to getting them back from the school that are reading them at the moment to see if they enjoyed them as much […]

Niamh’s Fourth Class

We have had such a fun two weeks in school, here is just some of the brilliant activities we have been doing. This week was our last week doing Junior Achievement. We have learned so much the last few weeks about business and what is needed to open one and run one. On Tuesday we […]

Niamh’s 4th Class

We have had a busy two weeks in 4th class, some of the students have written articles explaining what we have been learning. Junior Achievement by Samanta We are very lucky to have had Kelly come into our class the last two Tuesdays for the Junior Achievement Programme. The first week we learned about how companies […]

4th Class Progress Meetings

Niamh’s 4th class

Niamh’s 4th Class

We had such a busy week in school last week. We decorated our classroom and had a lot of winter art to make for the fair on Saturday, we made wreaths and star decorations. We were so lucky to have had a special visitor on Tuesday, SANTA came to visit us in his sleigh and […]

Science Week in Niamh’s Class

We have had lots of fun the last two weeks with our new teacher Niamh. This week is Science Week and we got to make our very own lava lamps. First, working together in groups we filled a quarter of a plastic bottle with water. We then carefully filled the rest up with oil. We […]

The Force of Nature- 4th Class

This weeek we have been preparing to enter the “Force of Nature” Credit Union Art competition. First we discussed what “forces of nature” meant. We talked about hurricanes, sunsets, rainbows, tornadoes, earthquakes,tsunamis and the changing seasons. Next we discussed with our partners what our interpretation of the theme was. Then we did drafts on A4 […]

Report Writing- 4th Class

This week we have been learning all about report writing. We have focused on fact based reports and have been working super hard on our first draft of our animal reports. Some of the animals we’ve been researching are cheetahs, lions, narwahls, elephants ,penguins,lots of different breeds of dogs and many more. We’ve discovered some […]

Fourth Class News!

Welcome back to Fourth Class. It’s been a busy week and we’ve been getting used to new class routines. In Art we had fun making really colourful self-portraits which are now displayed as you enter our classroom. We personalised them by picking our favourite jerseys, clothing, hairstyles etc. Linking up with this we have been […]

Play and Recreation workshop-3rd Class

Today our class had the opportunity to participate in a Play and Recreation workshop. DCU are currently undertaking a project for Kildare County Council to help them develop a county play and Recreation policy for all children and young people growing up in Kildare. We got to share our views, experiences and perceptions about the […]

If I could create anything it would be ….

This week we have had a fun week in 3rd Class. We had some of our Grandparents come visit the class on Wednesday – we performed a song  called Seánin Bocht and got to ask them lots of questi0ns about their school days. It was really interesting to hear their stories about long ago. In […]