Healthy recipes in Fiona’s 1st Class

We have been learning about making healthy choices over the past 2 weeks. We learned about the healthy food pyramid and have been working really hard to have healthy lunches filled with lots of fruit and veg! Two parents also came into our class to share their favourite healthy recipes with us. We even got […]

Magnetism in Fiona’s 1st Class

Last week we had lots of fun learning about magnetism. We guessed if different materials from our classroom would be attracted to magnets. Then we used magnets to investigate if we were correct. In groups we built pathways using our pencils and twistables. We put magnets underneath the tables and brought paperclips for a walk […]

Baking bread in Fiona’s 1st Class

This week we learned about where flour comes from. We sang about planting and cutting wheat. We investigated foods which are made from flour and foods that are not. Then we baked bread! It was baked in the oven that evening and brought in the next day for us to taste! It was delicious, we […]

Fiona’s 1st Class

We had a very exciting surprise visit from Santa Class this week! The whole school were called out to the yard to welcome him. He arrived on his sleigh with a Garda escort. Later we got our photograph taken with him. He gave us a chocolatey treat AND no homework!!

Fiona’s 1st Class

We finally filled our class jar with beads! A bead can be added to the jar when someone shows kindness, is helpful, is doing great listening or working hard to name but a few. The treat was a popcorn and cinema party on Thursday afternoon! We are looking forward to seeing what the surprise is […]

Fiona’s 1st Class

We celebrated Grandparent’s Day on Wednesday! We performed a song for them using our shakers. In History we were learning about games and fun in the past so we had lots of questions for them! They told us about play handball, hopscotch and skipping. We drew pictures of these and some made models from playdough. […]

Fiona’s First Class

This week we used musical instruments to explore dynamics- louds and softs. We played tambourines, xylophones, castanets and many more! Then we made our own shakers using paper cups (which we decorated), rice and sellotape. We practiced keeping the beat to one of our favourite songs at the moment “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from the […]

Fiona’s First Class

Look at all the fantastic costumes in Fiona’s First Class today! We had a lots of fun playing ‘guess the ghost’ and enjoying our well deserved Golden Time! Then we watched a short film based on the book “Room on the Broom” by Julia Donaldson. We had a few spooky treats to eat during it! […]

Fiona’s First Class

As part of Maths Week, we went to the halla where the senior classes had Maths stations organised for us! In groups we explored the strand of measure. We discovered how many footsteps long the basketball court is, estimated weight, used balance scales and measured the length of a train track to name but a […]

Fiona’s First Class

We were celebrating Tree Day last week and this week! We talked about why trees are so amazing- giving us oxygen and making lovely homes for birds and insects. We labelled the parts of the tree and noticed how they change over the 4 seasons. Then we went out to the school woods to see […]

Numicon in First Class

We started Numicon in Fiona’s First Class this week. Numicon is a multisensory approach to teaching Maths. We moved from station to station playing different maths games using the Numicon shapes and our fantastic new set of iPads! Through these activities we learned about making 10, odd and even numbers, making number sentences and symmetry. […]

Fiona’s First Class

On Wednesday we celebrated World Water Day to raise awareness of what we can do to tackle to the water crisis. We began by wearing something blue into school. Our Green Schools Committee Class Reps were excellent at explaining some of the facts about water which they had learned at their lunchtime meetings. Today there […]

Fiona’s 1st Class

Lá Glás, where everybody wore something green, marked the start of a very busy Seachtain na Gaeilge. With the help of the newly elected Coiste Gaeilge, we play the game of ‘Cé Mise?’ guessing the staff member by the clues read out over the intercom. We’ve also been taking part in a comhrá as Gaeilge […]

Going Green in First Class

This year NETNS is working towards getting our next Green Flag, the theme of which is water. We learned all about where our water comes from and what happens to it so that it is safe and clean for us to drink. Our school’s Green School’s Committee is back up and running and will have […]

Creating Masterpieces like Michelangelo in Fiona’s 1st Class!

We learned about Michelangelo this week. We learned that he was an Italian artist who is famous for painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. We looked at some of his work and agreed he was very talented. We talked about how he had to lie on his back to paint the ceiling, which took […]