We Love to Read in 3rd Class!

We were very lucky and grateful in 3rd class this week because Cian Tate’s Mum Ríona came in to read to us. We love reading and love listening to stories. We are very excited to start reading C.S. Lewis’ The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. We can’t wait to enter into this magical world […]

New Display in 3rd Class – Emma

This week we have been learning how to draw flowers. We have recreated our own display of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. We used oil pastels for our flowers, which gave them a bright and vibrant look. We used shading to try to graduate the tones into each other to make them look real.     This […]

Happy Christmas from 3rd Class!

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Thank you for following our news this year. The last bit of news for 2016 that we wanted to share with you was our surprise party that we had today for Colm. Colm spent a lot of this term and last with his two legs in plaster […]

Maths Week in 3rd Class Emma

We’ve been so busy having lots of fun with maths this week! We did a maths trail with Junior Infants, we made up a mental maths game for Junior Infants and we had lots of fun all week. We had great fun doing our maths quiz in our groups, as you can see in the […]

Stone Age in 3rd Class

Apart from working so hard on our 8 Times Tables we’ve been learning about the Stone Age. We created our own Stone Age pottery using the colours that they would have used. They didn’t have paint but we learned that they would have gotten their colours from nature, from berries, from animals and from anything […]

Fun with Maths in 3rd

We really love playing maths games. There are so many things to remember in maths that we like to play games to remind us of them! We like to do maths stations where we play addition, subtraction and multiplication games. At the moment we’re concentrating on our times tables so we also have a tables […]

Grandparents Day in 3rd Class

      On Wednesday the 23rd, we were lucky enough to have some of the grandparents visit our class. We got to sing a nice song for them called Trasna na dTonnta. We asked them lots of questions. We asked them what school they went to, what type of clothes they wore, if they […]

Hallowe’en Fun in 3rd Class!

  We had great fun dressing up for Trick or Treat for Temple Street! We finally reached over 1000 class dojo points so we made chocolate apples as a reward! Yum!!

Maths Week in 3rd

            This week was Maths Week. We always love getting out of our seats for maths! We collected data by completing tallies. We then used the data to create bar charts, block charts and pictograms. We surveyed things like favourite colour, favourite animal, favourite ice cream flavour and hair colour. […]

Busy 3rd Class

We’re working really hard to win some more class dojo points. Once we have 1,000 we can cook something nice!   We’ve been working really hard on our fractions with a lot of talk about pizza slices. It’s making us hungry!     We worked in groups to create a timeline about the Ancient Greeks.

What 3rd Class Have Been Up To

We had fun exploring what happens to raisins when you put them into water and into 7up.   We used our bodies to create lines and angles. See if you can spot the vertical lines, horizontal lines and right angles!   The candidates for Student Council made fantastic speeches and posters. We then had a […]