Enjoy the summer from Emma’s 3rd class

Emma’s 3rd class have worked so hard this year. They have been kind and supportive to their classmates. They have always looked out for and stuck up for one another. They have been an absolute pleasure for Emma to teach. Emma hopes they will always remember that they are strong, clever and amazing people! Emma […]

ESB International Workshop

We had such good fun learning about electricity today from ESB International. We learned how we have to connect a circuit to create electricity. We then built our own robots with the circuit and made them scribble on a page. Thank you so much to Ann Marie, David and Donal for this fantastic workshop!   […]

Emma’s 3rd Class

We have been very busy this week solving problems with Weight in Maths. We used our weighing skills to make pancake batter agus rinneamar pancóga ar Máirt na hInide. Ansin itheamar iad le sú liomanáide, leathan seacláide, im agus siúcra!

Chinese New Year in Emma’s 3rd Class

We were very lucky last week that Eva came in with some fabulous traditional Chinese food for us to try. We were celebrating Chinese New Year. We got to try some fabulous beef dumplings and some sticky rice. Eva also told us all about how Chinese New Year is celebrated and gave us red envelopes […]

Emma’s 3rd Class

We’ve been working hard in Junior Achievement with Saoirse. We had great fun learning about cities, businesses and even advertising our own ice cream shop! Wishing you all a happy Christmas and a happy new year!

Emma’s 3rd Class

We’re very lucky to have Saoirse from Junior Achievement coming into us for a few weeks. Last week we learned about Residential, Business and Industrial Zones. This week we learned about what makes a city.

Emma’s 3rd Class

We’ve been working very hard on Multiplication for the last two weeks. We’ve used the Cuisinere Rods to help us figure out the concept and played lots of games. We worked hard on making up our own multiplication word problems; we had 7 cows with 4 legs each, 5 bags of apples with 10 apples […]

3rd Class Emma

We had a lovely trip to Newbridge Library where we had a Maths Detective workshop. We’ve been working very hard on fractions in maths learning about eighths, quarters and halves.  

Bronze Age in Emma’s 3rd

We’ve been learning lots about the Bronze Age this week. We’ve been studying artefacts including replicas from The National Museum of Ireland. Copper Ore Sheepskin Flint and Shaping Stone Flint Arrowhead

3rd Class Emma – Time and Stone Age

    Each table were asked a question about the Stone Age; where did they get their food, how did they clothe themselves, how did they make weapons, in what type of homes did they live and what did they do to keep themselves busy? Each group brainstormed their ideas on post-its and shared the […]

3rd Class Emma

We’ve been working on learning the counties of Ireland and the four provinces. We worked really well with our partners, we divided the tasks between us and communicated well with each other.

Working Hard in Emma’s 3rd

We worked really hard this week in Emma’s class on lots of tests. We were very lucky that we had Therese, Niamh and Michael in our class every day to help with our reading. We got some lovely new sets of books for group reading. Each page in the book has a different colour smiley […]

Cooperative work in Emma’s 3rd Class

We have all worked really hard this week to work well with each other. We have been concentrating on positive body language and positive verbal language. In PE, we had to work with our table mates to make it across the halla with just two mats and without touching the floor (which was really lava!) […]

3D Printing in Emma’s 3rd Class

We have had a very busy couple of weeks in 3rd Class! We have started to make projects on Poland and have been researching information from our books, atlases and fact sheets. We eventually had to throw our bread experiment out because it was so smelly! We tested a number of surfaces on slices of […]

Book Week in 3rd Class

We had so much fun this week during book week. We got some time to explore new worlds in exciting books! We were very grateful that Sophie’s mum Ashling came in to read to us. We were all very proud of our comic strips that we made and we even got a night off homework […]