All About Italy in 4th

The children have spent some time researching different aspects of Italy and worked in groups to create projects on the various aspects. The seven groups were: Italian History Italian Food Italian Geography Italian Landmarks Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius Famous Italians The Colosseum and Circus Maximus When they were finished their projects, the children presented them […]

Volcanic Eruptions in Eimear’s 4th

The children have been learning all about volcanoes in 4th class. They spent some time learning about the different types of volcanoes and what it means to be an active, dormant or extinct volcano.  They have learned about what causes a volcanic eruption. In groups, they drew some detailed diagrams explaining the different parts of […]

Senior Girls Football – Second League Game

The senior girls footballers had their second league game today against Scoil na Naomh Uilig. Each and every player gave 100% and spent the match supporting and encouraging each other – it was a joy to watch. The girls kept Scoil na Naomh Uilig to no score for the whole game and managed to put […]

2D Shapes Maths Trail in Eimear’s 4th

The children had some fun revising some of the maths topics covered recently. The children worked in pairs and were given a picture of a 2D shape that was hidden somewhere in the yard. They had to find the 2D shape and when they got there, they had to solve a sum that was hidden […]

Senior Girls First League Game

The Senior Girls had their first league game against Allen National School yesterday and are off to a great start with a win. The girls put in a fantastic performance from start to finish. The first half was a very tight game with both teams battling hard. Our girls managed to come out on top […]

Fun with Weight Eimear’s 4th

When we were learning about weight in maths we created some fun maths stations to help us learn. Station 1: Weighing station: We had various types of weighing scales and the children picked some items around the classroom to weigh. They first had to estimate how much each item weighed and record it. Then they […]

Pop Art Eimear’s 4th

In 4th class we were learning about Burton Morris and the techniques he uses for his famous Pop Art creations. We used his heart design for some inspiration for our Valentines Day Art. We are so proud of how they turned out. Check them out below.   The organisers of the Community Games Art Competition […]

Chinese New Year in Eimear’s 4th

As it was Chinese New Year on Tuesday the 5th, we were learning all about it in 4th class. We learned about The Story of the Zodiac and how each animal was picked to represent the months of the year. We had some fun sequencing the story. This year is the year of the pig […]

Healthy Eating Week in Eimear’s 4th

Last week in school we had Healthy Eating Week. We were learning about the different food groups. We learned about the food pyramid and how much of each food group we should be eating. We used this information to design a healthy dinner and shared them with the class. Our weekly “Lunch Lookers” were busy […]

The Solar System in Eimear’s 4th

In 4th class we have been learning about the solar system. The children worked very hard to put together some exciting projects, which they later presented to the class. Here are some pictures of them working on their projects: They came up with a fun way to remember the order of the planets from the […]

Maths stations in Eimear’s 4th

Recently we have started using Maths stations with the help of our support teacher Emily. The first week we worked on fractions and the children had a lot of fun at the different stations. The stations were: Matching game – matching fractions to decimals. Cuisenaire rods – creating pictures using the different sizes and making […]

Our Tree of Kindness

Our Tree of Kindness is a whole school initiative to promote kindness across our school community. In the Junior classes (Juniors-2nd), the teacher picks a child who has stood out for being kind at the end of every week. In the Senior classes (3rd-6th), the children spend the week nominating children who they have seen […]

Credit Union Art Competition in Eimear’s 4th

The 4th class children have been working very hard to complete their Credit Union Art Competition. The title for this year’s competition was “The Force of Nature…” The children brainstormed ideas about what this title meant to them. They discussed what materials they would use to on their art. They completed a draft piece of […]

5 Second Collaborative Art in Eimear’s 4th

Over the past two weeks we have been working on some collaborative art pieces. We began the activity by splitting into groups and each getting a blank sheet of paper. The children picked a colour and thought about a pattern or design they were going to make. They had five seconds to complete this activity. […]

U-11 girls footballers off to a great start!

The girls U-11 football league started this week. The girls travelled to Two Mile House GAA to play Kilashee. It was their first time playing together and they put in a fantastic team performance. The support play was brilliant. At the end of the first half, it was clear the girls were going to stay […]