Our week

This week we learned percentages in math and we did gymnastics and we drew a reindeer in art and decorated our names for the winter fair and we helped the senior and junior infants with  there wishes and we did some our self and people are helping out with  the winter fair which is on […]

Denise’s 6th Class

On Monday  in history learned about monasteries and in irish we learned about ag siopadoireacht sceal.In english we read a story called sharu googles home and in sphe we did the Junior Entrepeneur Project and in math we did a chilli challenge. On tuesday in english we learned about homophones and in irish we learned […]

One week in 6th class

On Monday the 6th class debate team was chosen to debate against 5th classes debate team. In maths this week we were learning about how to add and subtract decimals. In history we were learning about the stone age and how life would have been like for them. On Tuesday we were learning about settlements […]

This week in 6th class

This week in 6th we learned about decimals in maths and how to +-x decimals. We also learned that they are every important because they are like money. In P.E this week we did a bit of gymnastics. We did tumbles, cartwheels and handstands. This week in English we did narrative  writing. Narrative writing is […]

Our week in school

For maths this week our class were learning about the different types of numbers such as prime, composite and squared/cubed numbers. We were also finding the squared routes of numbers. In English this week we were writing stories about aliens and using Alan Peat sentences including similes, ed sentences and double ly sentences. Our class […]

This week in Denise’s 6th class

This week we did our midterm tests. We did Irish, English, maths and science. In PE  we did our last week of athletics, it was a big obstacle course and in our art we made spiders on webs, it was very fun.This Friday was costume day,we all had great costumes and we put a lot […]

6th class weekly report

This week in 6th class we learned about lots of different things. In maths we learned about how to add,subtract,multiply and divide fractions. In English we learned about explanation writing and writing sentences using verbs and nouns. In science we learned about seed growth and dispersal. We had some great fun in p.e doing athletics. […]

Our Great Week!

On Monday we started learning about fractions in maths, at first we started  learning how to simplify fractions and put the fractions in order from largest to smallest.Then as the week went on we learnt how to add and subtract. It was a bit challenging at first but now we have mastered it. On Tuesday, […]

Denise’s 6th Class

This week we learnt a lot in English, Math’s and Irish.  In English we learned about explanation writing and we done a bit of work in our English book. In math’s we learned how to divide in decimals and, for the first time, we done the chili challenge in our class with Denise and Micheal […]

4th week in 6th class!

We have had an amazing time this week in 6th class. Every week we get to choose a book from the library. On Fridays the teachers let us play basketball in the halla, it’s very fun!                              Every Tuesday and Thursday three […]

The Past Week

This week we learned lines and angles in Maths, in Irish we were doing a lot on ‘Is Mise’. In P.E we warmed up with dodge ball and then played soccer and to warm down we had athletics . For science on Thursday we learned all about the lungs and how they work. During the […]

2nd week in sixth

Another lovely week here in sixth class. In P.E we started athletics it was fun speeding up and down the hall like rockets.We used chalk in art to create a lovely landscape drawing of starry starry night. In English we wrote our own newspaper reports.We also finished a topic in maths and started data.We learned […]

Denise’s 6th class first week

6th class first full week back was a brilliant week. We were given our very own lockers to prepare for secondary school. We did place value in Maths and did revision in Irish. We learned about Vincent Van Gogh in Art. Myths and legends was our topic in history and we got to write our […]

Footballers Day out at K Bowl

Last Tuesday, our two successful Gaelic Football teams had a victory day at K-Bowl! They had lots of fun bowling and  were treated to lunch there too. On behalf of the players, Dan and I, we would like to extend a huge thank you to Manguard Security who organised and treated us to a very […]

Active Schools Week – 20th to 24th of June!

N.E.T.N.S will be holding an active school week from the 20th– 24th of June. Throughout the week there will be daily activities held for the whole school giving the children an opportunity to engage in lots of different and fun activities. Most importantly it’s a chance to be active!   Throughout the week, children will […]