6th class week

We had a short week in NETNS as we had Monday off.On Tuesday we had our Sigma T tests and on Wednesday some 6th classe left to do the cat4 test.In PE we did volleyball.On Thursday we had our Micra T.We also talked about the Gaeltacht with principal Eimear then on Friday we did Kieth […]

This week in six class

On Monday we learned about the aztecs in history.In maths we learned about coordinates and how to read them.After that we learned and sang shotgun in Irish .On Tuesday we did geography and did inside and out side the Earth .In English we did tsunami.On Thursday we did english word study and learned shotgun in […]

Denise’s 6th

MONDAY On Monday we learned about Ancient Egyptians and how they lived in the Ancient days. TUESDAY On Tuesday we learned about how food goes  off. WEDNESDAY On Wednesday we practiced basketball drills and lay ups in P.E . THURSDAY On Thursday we learned about the sun and the solar system in science and also […]

Denise’s 6th

This week was Seachtain na  Gaeilge so we did loads of fun activities including a Ceili ,a song called Tóg Amach Mé and lastly fun work sheets.We helped the 2nd class with their irish Cómhra, and finished the week with a St Patricks Day art class. We wrote out a story of our own in […]

Our class week

This week in PE we did basketball. We played several games to introduce us to the game. In maths, we learnt about algebra and used different letters to replace the numbers. In Literacy, we were focusing on recount writing. we wrote stories about events that happened in our past and explained them in detailed writing. […]

Another week in 6th Class

This week on Wednesday we had a 2K fun run on the Curragh, it was great and we had lots of fun .  This week in Maths we learnt to make and figure out number sentences .  Also in English we learnt to write a recount, we all had to write about the fun run.  […]

A week in 6th

During the week we learned a bit more more about the 1916 Rising. The whole class will be doing a project about a 1916 Leader or someone who lived through the Rising. Also during the week we had assessments to help us see what we needed to work on for our real tests in Easter. […]

This week

This week we learned a lot of cool stuff on. On Monday, we learned about money and profit, by using percentages. On Tuesday, we did geography about rivers, On how they form. On Wednesday, we did pe, on dancing It was really fun! On Thursday, we learned about science  and how it affects our society […]

A sixth class week

In history we learnt about the 1916 Easter rising and the proclamation signatories. In math’s we finished learning about the circle and started learning about 3d shapes and their dimensions. In P.E we did dodge ball, hot seat and dancing which was lots of fun. Coming up to music we were doing tin whistle and […]

our week

This week we did a lot of fun things.On wednesday we watched the debating team practice their speech for Thursday. in maths we learned about integers. in science we did managing resources. on Friday we did art which was painting a landscape of beautiful trees in it. In P.E we did  hip hop which was […]

Back to school

To kick off our week we learned about 19th Century Ireland and the fight nationalists put up to gain independence for our country. For Maths we learned about time,speed and distance using a method called Dad’s Silly Triangle (DST,Dads=distance, Silly=speed, Triangle=time). In English we worked on improving our grammar and comprehension. For Irish we learned […]

This week in 6th class

This week we presented our projects on our areas that we live in. Then we  learned about percentages in Maths. In art we started to make some Christmas trees and brought home some of our old art home. In English we started to write some stories.  In PE we played dodgeball and crab football. In […]

Our week

This week we learned percentages in math and we did gymnastics and we drew a reindeer in art and decorated our names for the winter fair and we helped the senior and junior infants with  there wishes and we did some our self and people are helping out with  the winter fair which is on […]

Denise’s 6th Class

On Monday  in history learned about monasteries and in irish we learned about ag siopadoireacht sceal.In english we read a story called sharu googles home and in sphe we did the Junior Entrepeneur Project and in math we did a chilli challenge. On tuesday in english we learned about homophones and in irish we learned […]

One week in 6th class

On Monday the 6th class debate team was chosen to debate against 5th classes debate team. In maths this week we were learning about how to add and subtract decimals. In history we were learning about the stone age and how life would have been like for them. On Tuesday we were learning about settlements […]