Doodle for Google Competition

A massive congratulations to everyone who took part in the recent Doodle for Google competition, there were some fabulous entries and it was incredibly difficult to select the six entries that we could send to Google.   We wish we could have sent them all! On Monday this week we sent away the designs to Google’s offices […]

Websites, Neil Armstrong, and Planting Daffodils!

What a busy week!  There was so much going on! The 2nd Class Project Group finished their great work on the website they have been building all about school life in the past and now.  You can see it here. They’ve put in some fantastic work to write all about Roman, Greek and Irish Schools. […]

Feeding the birds

I had some brilliant helpers this week from Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd Classes who came and helped me to feed the birds. We talked about the different types of food that birds (and squirrels) like to eat and the different places they look for food.  We worked to together to put some more seed […]

Our new garden gate!

This week Ciaran and Ben from 6th Class have worked together to build and install a new garden gate.  They showed fantastic skills over the week to plan out how to make the gate, fix it together using screws to make it strong, and finally installing it in the garden. They are not quite finished, […]

Feeding the wildlife in the woods

Today I had some super helpers from both Denise and Therese’s 1st Classes. As the weather is getting colder and there is less food to find it was time to stock up the feeders and the bird table. We talked about the different foods the birds like and the different places they like to feed.  Some […]

Celebrating Green Week!


To celebrate a fantastic Green Week we made a giant sign  today! It took a lot of teamwork and co-operation, but by working together we managed to create a wonderful picture to help us remember a super week of work! Thank you to Brandon, Ciaran, Ella and Damian for all of their hard work!  

Sharing our stories!

Today 2nd class were treated to a visit by a fantastic young author! Brandon from 6th class has been working so hard on his story writing, that he was asked to share his work. His story features the adventures of Wonder Woman, her sidekick dog Mr Tibbles and their quest to capture the villain Underpants Man. […]

World Food Day Gallery

Today was World Food Day here at N.E.T.N.S.  We had over 50 types of food, including Russian cookies,  pancakes and Polish biscuits. Many parents and kids came to enjoy themselves. Here are some pictures of the day. We will be adding more details of how much money we raised soon. Article by Ciarán (6th Class). […]

Our new look website!

Thank you for your patience while we’ve making the changes to the school website. Thank you also to everyone who got in touch with suggestions and ideas for pages and features. We’ve updated the look of the site, added a few new features and hopefully made some parts of the site a little more user […]

The Heineken Cup Comes to NETNS!

  Today The Heineken cup, won by Leinster, came for a visit to N.E.T.N.S. We all went into the Halla Glás, and while we were sitting down, Elma & Sadhbh, the caretakers of the cup, brought it in and showed everyone. We asked loads of Questions. Here are some of the questions: 1. How many […]

Changes to the website!

Over the next few days we will be making some changes to the school website. We will be updating the look of the site and will also be adding some new features. If there are any features you think might make the site more enjoyable, user friendly or more functional, please get in touch via […]

Educational Apps for your phone!

Scoilnet have uploaded a great collection of free educational apps suitable for iPhone, iPad and Android phones. They are categorised by subject. You can browse the apps here.  

Animal Fact Sheets

Firstly, I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the children for working so hard this year. I have been amazed by everyone’s hard work, determination and teamwork skills.  I hope you all have a wonderful summer break. We have continued to look at animals during our last week of the school. We […]

All About Animals!

This week we’ve been looking at the wonderful world of animals. We learned all about wild animals that live all over the world. Alexander really likes crocodiles, while Asuha and Kousa both really liked the monkey! We played a game where we had each had an animal that we had to guess by asking questions […]

All about Kendama

Lots of children who visit my room ask questions about the ‘Kendama’ toy I have,  so I thought I would share a little bit about it with everyone! A kendama (けん玉) is a Japanese toy, you have to get red ball into one of the three cups or onto the spike.   Its a bit like the old game […]