Healthy Fruits and Vegetables in Junior Infants!

This week in Junior Infants we looked at fruits and vegetables and why they are healthy. We made fruits and vegetables for the shop,  fruit for mala fruit bowls, printed shopping bags using vegetables and made pictures by cutting out and gluing healthy fruits. There were some super questions that the children had, such as; […]

Pushes and pulls and twists!

This week in Junior Infants we have been looking at forces. We talked about pushes and pulls and even twisting forces.  In Aistear we played with toys that needed pushing or pulling, shaped and changed mala with tools, made rockets from paper and straws and also made pull along toys from recycled card and bottle […]

Making Peg Dolls and Snakes and Ladders

This week in Junior Infants we continued to look at games and toys from the past and present. The games from the past have been really popular and it has been lovely watching Junior Infants discover traditional games and learn new skills. As well as playing with toys from the past and different board games […]

The old toys are sometimes the best!

This week in our Aistear time we looked at ‘Toys from the past’. Junior Infants were amazed to find out that in the olden days there were no computers,  tablets or even plastic toys! We learned how to play a few games, such as ‘Marbles’ ‘Tiddlywinks’ and ‘Jacks’. They were a huge success and every […]

A lovely first week back

We had a lovely first week back after the winter holidays. Everyone was really happy to see their friends.  We all drew pictures about the different things we did during the holidays and shared our news with each other and the class. On Thursday we were very lucky to have Niall De Burca, a storyteller, come […]

Making the Gruffalo’s Child

It was a really busy week this week, with visits to the Winter Fair, the Gaeilge assembly, and building a class Gruffalo! This week in our Aistear time we read the book ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’ by Julia Donaldson. Everyone really liked the super book and we enjoyed discussing the different things that happen at the […]

Architects and Construction Workers in Junior Infants

It has been another super busy week in Junior Infants.   In Maths we have continued to look at sets with more, less and the same in them. In Gaeilge we learnt the names for homes in the house and in Phonics we learnt the new sounds ‘m’ and ‘d’ as well as revising and […]

Planting trees and caring for the woods.

In Aistear time this week we continued to look at Autumn and the woodlands. We recycled milk and juice cartons to use as plant pots for Horse Chestnut, Sycamore and Hazel trees. We are really looking forward to seeing the trees grow in the Spring!  Thank you to everyone at home for all of the […]

Helping Autumn Animals in Junior Infants

Its been another busy week here in Junior Infants. We have continued to look at the topic of Autumn in Aistear time. This week our focus was on helping woodland animals. In the Role Play Area we pretended to be animals such as hedgehogs and squirrels preparing to hibernate and collecting nuts and berries. In […]

Learning About the Senses in Junior Infants

Junior Infants were again working really hard this week and we have been amazed at how much progress everyone has made settling in and getting used to the new school environment. Its really great to have seen how independent the Junior Infants have become, lining up and walking into class all on their own! Well […]

A Wonderful Second Week in School!

Wow what a busy week in Junior Infants! We completed loads of exciting learning activities. In Literacy we learned all about the sounds S and A and how to write the letters. In Maths we discovered how to sort objects by colour and had loads of fun playing maths games outside with both classes. In Gaeilge […]

Doodle for Google

Thank you to all the children who entered the Doodle 4 Google competition. We had a fantastic response again this year, with loads of fantastic entries. Unfortunately, none of the NETNS entries won this year, but there is always next year! You can see the overall winning entry on the homepage. Congratulations again to […]

Doodle 4 Google Competition

Thank you to all the children who entered the Doodle 4 Google competition. We had a fantastic response again this year, with loads of fantastic entries. The invited judges, Gerry and Shay,  commented on how fabulous all the designs were and how difficult it was to choose the 6 designs N.E.T.N.S. is allowed to send […]

Bottle Greenhouse – Almost there!

6th have worked fantastically hard over the last couple of weeks to help construct the bottle greenhouse. We’ve made great progress and have almost all the sides built.  Unfortunately the weather over the last couple of days has meant that we didn’t get it finished. We will get it finished as soon as we can […]

Baby birds in the Wildlife Garden!

Yesterday we were super lucky to see many wonderful things in the wildlife garden. When I came into school I  found the Squirrel had knocked over the bird feeder and was busy stocking up on peanuts. I had to be quick, but I managed to get a photo before it ran away!   Then we […]