A great first week back working in the garden!

It has a been a lovely first week back for Junior Infants after the holidays! We’ve been looking at planting and things that grow in Aistear time. First we drew our own vegetable gardens and put in them what we wanted to grow! We planted lettuce seeds and talked about the things they need to […]

A visitor comes to Junior Infants with tales of 1916!

What a busy week! Not only did we have our Curragh walk and an Céilí le Gaelscoil Cill Dara, but we also visited the school’s 1916 museum and took part in the Tráth na gCeist in the Halla for Seachtain na Gaeilge! We continued to learn all about 1916 and Ireland in Aistear and took part in loads of […]

Óró Sé Do Bheatha Bhaile – Link

Following a number of requests, please find attached a link to the downloadable version of  Óró Sé Do Bheatha Bhaile    

Junior Infants deliver their Proclamations!

Its been a very busy week this week in Junior Infants! As well as learning all about the ‘b’ sound in phonics, we looked at ‘Dathanna’ in Irish and patterns an shapes in Maths. On Monday we had a visit from Moorefield GAA club who took us for a great skills session in the Hala, […]

Healthy fruit and vegetables!

This week in Junior Infants we looked at fruits and vegetables and why they are healthy. We made fruits and vegetables for the shop,  fruit for mala fruit bowls, printed shopping bags using vegetables and made pictures by cutting out and gluing healthy fruits. There were some super questions that the children had, such as; […]

Pushes,Pulls and healthy lunchboxes!

This week in Junior Infants we have been looking at forces. We talked about pushes and pulls and even twisting forces.  In Aistear we played with toys that needed pushing or pulling, shaped and changed mala with tools, made rockets from paper and straws and also made pull along toys from recycled card and bottle […]

Making Peg Dolls and Snakes and Ladders

This week in Junior Infants we continued to look at games and toys from the past and present. The games from the past have been really popular and it has been lovely watching Junior Infants discover traditional games and learn new skills. As well as playing with toys from the past and different board games […]

The Old Toys are sometimes the best!

This week in our Aistear time we looked at ‘Toys from the past’. Junior Infants were amazed to find out that in the olden days there were no computers,  tablets or even plastic toys! We learned how to play a few games, such as ‘Marbles’ ‘Tiddlywinks’ and ‘Jacks’. They were a huge success and every […]

A lovely first week back

We had a lovely first week back after the winter holidays. Everyone was really happy to see their friends.  We all drew pictures about the different things we did during the holidays and shared our news with each other and the class. This week we  worked really hard on learning to write our names in […]

The Gruffalo’s Child!

Its been a very busy couple of weeks in the school! We’ve been looking at the theme of ‘Winter’ in Aistear and  reading the book ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’. It was lots of fun reading about the Gruffalo’s Child and her journey to find the ‘Big Bad Mouse’!  We talked about our favourite characters and the […]

Polar Explorers in Junior Infants

This week the Junior Infants came into class to find that the rockets had gone and the Role Play areas had instead been transformed into the South Pole! There were icebergs and snowdrifts galore! We read the book ‘Lost and Found’ about a penguin and a boy and their journey of friendship. We drew maps of […]

Earth, Space and Aliens!

It has been a week of alien designing, planet investigating and space exploration in Junior Infants! It is fantastic to see everyone learning and developing new skills. We talked about the vast expanse of space and how much exploring there still is to do. We read the book, ‘Aliens Love Underpants!’ and used our imaginations […]

Space Rockets and Giant Elk!

It’s been a great first week back after the break. We’ve started to look at the topic of ‘Space’ in Aistear, and we’ve all been really enjoying learning about space, the planets, stars, our sun and the rest of the solar system! We talked about what we wanted to learn about and then watched some […]

Well done Junior Infants!

This week has been jam packed full of fun and excitement in Junior Infants!  As well as our usual work in Maths and Phonics we had our photographs taken by Vincent the photographer! We looked at the festival Halloween and talked about why some people make pumpkin or even turnip lanterns to decorate their homes! […]

Finding Hedgehogs their homes!

It has been lovely to see the Junior Infants exploring the woodlands again this week. After planting and looking after trees last week, this week we concentrated on learning about the animals that live in the woodland and the types of homes they would have, we talked about hedgehog nests and badger sets, fox holes […]