NETNS Gardening Appeal

As a school community, we are looking forward to developing the NETNS school garden over the coming months.  As well as helping children learn about the importance of the living world around them, gardening helps encourage children to lead healthy lives, develops their communication and teamwork skills and promotes active learning. We have a number […]

NETNS Website competition. Get your design on the NETNS website!

The NETNS website has a fantastic picture at the top of every page called the ‘header’. This picture helps people know what our school is like and where it is.     We’ve decided to hold a monthly competition to re-design our header image.  Each month there will be a different theme for the design.  […]

Planes, trains and cars!

This week, we have started looking at transport in my classroom. We’ve looked at lots of different types of vehicles and how we travel on the land, the sea and in the air.   We talked about how we all get to school and even how we visit family or go on holiday. Inez and […]

Lego man goes into Space!

On duty today it was fantastic to see so many children playing with Lego. I mentioned to some of the children that two Canadian boys had recently sent a Lego man all the way into space by strapping him to a weather balloon.  They didn’t really look like they believed me… Well, here is the […]

Play our weather quiz!

This week we finished our work looking at weather, we had lots of fun completing our weather forecasts. Some of us also used instruments to make our very own weather listening quizzes to test each other with! Can you tell what each of the different weather sounds are?   Hint:  You should be able to […]

Weather Forecasters

This week in my classroom children have been doing lots of exciting things to do with the weather. We continued to look at the different types of weather that we have here in Ireland, Asuha and Malak had great fun looking at all the different types of weather, as well as doing some super descriptive […]

Whatever the weather may be!

This week children who come to my classroom have been learning all about the weather. We looked at the different types of weather that we have here in Ireland. Some children played weather bingo, trying to collect all of the different types of weather. Ethan and Alexander really liked playing this game, Alexander told us […]

Guess who!

This week has been our last week at looking at ‘People who help us’. Children helped to finish their work for displays inside and outside my classroom.  They look lovely and the children worked very hard to make them. We played a wonderful game where children did an impression of someone who helped us and we had […]

Prizewinning Filmmakers in 4th Class!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Mark, Leon and Damian from 4th class have won 1st prize in the  European Day of Languages Video Clip competition! It is fantastic news for the boys, who put in considerable effort into planning, filming and acting in the video. The jury felt that their video ‘Goal! […]

There are lots of people who help us!

This week in my classroom we have continued to look at all the different people who help us.  We looked at the different vehicles that people use to do their jobs and talked about the different tools that people need. The work the children have done is so good that we are going to make […]

People who help us

In my classroom this week we have been learning about ‘People who help us’. All of us have looked and learnt the names for different jobs that people do and talked about the ways people help us. Children from Junior and Senior Infants had super fun trying to work out who was going to help […]

Super Shapes!

We have continued to look at colour and shape this week in my classroom. Junior infants enjoyed playing shape pairs and trying to find the matching shapes. Victoria, Simas and Sara even made their own set of  cards to play with in Sacra’s classroom.  Inez, Michael and Oliwia helped make a set of cards for […]

Colours and Shapes!

We have enjoyed looking at colours and shapes this week. We had great fun finding the shapes that are hidden in objects in my classroom. Maya found that the table was a big circle and Simas found a triangle in my doorstop!  Uljana found two circles in the rugs in the floor. Inez and Oliwia […]

Eircom Junior Spiders

We are all very proud of the fantastic NETNS website and so we have decided to enter it into the Eircom Junior Spiders competition! The Eircom Junior Spider Awards were established in 2009 and celebrate great school websites and blogs. It would be super to see all the hard work of the pupils, teachers and parents who […]

Going to the supermarket!

Junior and Senior infants had a surprise this week when they came to my room to find it had become a supermarket!  Ethan, Iman and Damia had great fun trying to find the things on their shopping list and paying for them at the till! Afraaz and Daniel from Senior Infants did amazingly well and […]