Raincoats, Scarves and Hats!

This week in my classroom we have looked at what clothes people wear in different types of weather. Junior and Senior infants dressed Charlie and Lola for cold, rainy and hot weather and also dressed a teddy bear in the clothes he would need in the rain and the snow! Asuha and Kousa have worked fantastically […]

Lola and Charlie have some new clothes!

This week in my classroom  children have been learning about the clothes people wear. We’ve had lots of fun dressing Charlie and Lola paper dolls and playing a game on the computer where we dressed Charlie and Lola in some very funny outfits!  You can play it too by clicking here. Some of the children drew […]

A busy week!

This week the children have done lots of different things in Language Support. Asuha and Kousa have learnt some new words and have had great fun telling me their news. Children from Junior Infants have had a lovely time telling me all about their families.  Alexander told me all about his little brother. From Michael’s […]

Kildare Environmental Photography Competition 2011

Picture of a camera

Kildare County Council have announced the 2011 Environmental Photography competition. This year the  theme of the competition is: “Kildare’s environment- good and bad” All you have to do is take two photographs in Kildare from now until the end of October. One must show Kildare at it’s best and the other at it’s worst. The judges will […]

Brilliant fun on the European Day of Languages

On Monday children enjoyed a fantastic European Day of Languages! The teachers and children would like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents who came in to school to run language sessions. The children enjoyed them immensely. Junior infants loved learning some new words in Thai and Catalan as well as learning about these […]

A super start!

I’ve had lots of children visiting me for the first time over the first few weeks of school.   Well done to everyone for their fantastic efforts! We’ve done a great variety of activities and everyone has enjoyed themselves.  We had great fun introducing ourselves to each other (and Alfie the monkey who lives in my […]