Peace Proms

With Peace Proms fast approaching we hope that all students taking part could practice the songs over the Winter break. Below are two links to the songs and choreography. Choreography Videos 2018 Choir Tracks 2018 v1   Thanks, Emma, Roisin and Clara

Santa, Polar Bears and Penguins!

What a week! In Aistear we’ve been learning about the North and South Poles. We looked at the animals that live at the Poles and whether people do to. We looked at how to build an igloo and investigated why penguins live somewhere with water so cold! We built igloos in the role play area, […]

Transport in Junior Infants

It has been another busy week in Junior Infants. We looked at the ‘e’ sound in phonics and continued to make CVC words. In maths Clara’s class did shapes while David’s class had numicon. In Gaeilge we looked at the topic bia. In Aistear we were learning about transport. We talked about the ways we […]

The Sun, Planets and Moon!

This week in junior infants we were learning the sound ‘ck’ and thinking of loads of words that begin with c and k. In Aistear we had loads of fun learning about Space. We read stories by Oliver Jeffers and made puppets of the alien, astronaut, boy and rocket ship. We made space pictures and […]

Fun investigating magnets

Storm Ophelia meant that this week was a bit shorter than expected for Junior Infants but it didn’t mean it was any less fun!  We talked for a long time about our different experiences of the storm and our unexpected days at home. Some children talked about plant pots and trees falling over while other […]

Autumn Trees and Animals

This week in Junior Infants we’ve been looking at the changing seasons and focusing on Autumn. We had lots of fun exploring our woodlands and investigating the leaves and trees at this time of year. In Aistear we talked about why the leaves lose their leaves, where the different woodland animals live and what they […]

The Gruffalo in Junior Infants

This week in junior infants we were learning all about the sound ‘s’, we practiced writing it and thought of loads of different words beginning with the sound ‘s’. Aistear was based on the story ‘The Gruffalo’ and we enjoyed making gruffalo masks, sequencing the story, playing in the deep dark woods and creating mala […]

Junior Infants Update

Junior infants have been having a great time in school. We have finished our first fortnight of aistear activities, we were learning about houses and homes. We made lego houses, block houses, houses from cardboard and played in the role play home.    

Well done junior infants

Well done to all the children in junior infants. You have achieved so much this year and should be so proud of yourselves. Enjoy the holidays.

Staying fit and Healthy in Junior Infants

What a super week in junior infants. In maths we are learning all about money. In Aistear we have been looking at healthy living, we know that it is very important to keep both our body and mind healthy. We really enjoyed ‘chill out’ time this week.

Well-being Week

This week the anti-bullying ambassadors were preparing for well-being week in NETNS. They painted our ‘buddy benches’ which will be introduced to the classes next week. Well done to Mea, Arthur, Rebecca, Cathal, Dianaimh and Erin for all the hard work and wonderful painting this week.  

Under the Sea in Junior Infants

This week junior infants have been learning about ‘under the sea’ in aistear. We made under the sea pictures, created our own lobsters, played with water in the role play area and made our own underwater world in plastic bottles.

Vets and Pets continued in Junior Infants

This week we continued learning about sick pets and vets in junior infants. We made pet masks, vet posters, played in the vet role play area and played with sick pets in small world. In phonics David’s class have been working really hard at writing and reading CVC words. Clara’s class have started power hour, […]

Pets and Vets!

This week in Junior Infants we’ve been looking at pets and how to look after animals. We talked about the types of animals people keep as pets and what kinds of pets some of us have at home. It was lovely to hear so many of the junior infants tell us about the animals they […]

Minibeasts in Junior Infants

This week junior infants explored the topic of mini beasts in aistear, on Monday we went on a bug hunt in the school forest. We made bug home pictures using what we knew about where mini beasts live. In phonics we looked at the sound ‘z’. Enjoy the break everyone.