Sports Day in Rang a Trí

What a fantastic week! Sports Day was a huge success, our class had an absolute ball. A big favourite were the circuits and the relay races and, of course, our ice creams 🙂 A huge thank you to all of the organisers and the volunteers! This week we experimented with Force and experimented with friction […]

Water Colours and Area in Amy’s 3rd

This week we worked tremendously hard on the topic of Area in Maths. Using many different units of measurement, we found the area of our classroom, our desks and the school corridor using items such as copies and rulers. Seriously good work! In Art, we drew ‘Fall off the Page’ flowers inspired by the American […]

Tie Dye Art and Treasure Hunts in Amy’s 3rd Class

This week the children worked so hard and had such a fantastic attitude! In P.E., we created maps with legend keys, symbols and sequences and had a competition as to who could figure out their map first. Super fun! In Art, we created Tie Dye t – shirts. Tie dying first dates back to 500 […]

Summer is Here!

Cannot believe it’s May already! Such a crazy week and everyone in our class worked so hard. We constructed 3-D shapes out of matchsticks and play-doh, as well as writing letters to our new pen pals (all will be revealed very soon!). Our class did a brilliant Science experiment where we tested three different materials; […]

We’re Back! 24th – 28th April

It’s great to be back! This week we had a brilliant visit from Ursula, a lady from Zeeko who taught us all about internet safety and the importance of having a Chat Buddy. We learnt about the Normans in Ireland, stencil printing and we put a huge effort into logical thinking this week as we […]

Easter Week in Amy’s Class

This week we continued to work at our Siopa Éadaí – fantastic effort from everybody! In Maths, we discussed symmetry and we analysed all of the symmetrical shapes in our classroom. We really got stuck into our class novel, ‘Adam’s Starling’ this week, with the children taking on the roles of Leader, Questioner, Summariser, Clarifier […]

Amy’s 3rd Class

This week we turned our seomra ranga into a ‘Siopa Éadaí’! We learnt many new phrases, such as, “Cad atá uait?…Tá geansaí uaim”. The children designed the siopa themselves and we’re having a ball as we learn Gaeilge through activities 🙂 On Friday, we created ‘Rainforest Dioramas’ where we depicted the Congo rainforest using boxes, […]

20th March – 24th March in Amy’s Class

Phew! Another week has flown by and this week we discussed the weather as Gaeilge. One of our favourite phrases was ‘Tá an aimsir go hálainn!’ In Maths, we’ve become amazing at telling the time on the analogue at clock and how to convert (word of the week) minutes to hours and minutes, and back […]

Back with a bang!

After our lovely and relaxing week off, we got stuck into our Maths. This week we really focused on Division and we created our own word problems based around sharing and dividing using key words like equal. Seachtain na Gaeilge kicked off on Wednesday and we’ve been practicing our comhrá and our Nath na Lae. […]

Amy’s 3rd Class – Week 6

In Maths we started to learn about Division this week. On Tuesday, it was Valentine’s Day and we made cartaí Gaeilge to celebrate Lá San Vailintín. For our P.E. lesson we completed a gymnastics round with forward and sideways rolls, cartwheels, balancing benches, handstands, cartwheels and climbing – super fun! We also decorated our classroom […]

Amy’s 3rd Class – 27th January :)

We had a very busy week in Amy’s Third Class. This week, we began working towards getting our pen licences. We also invited parents to come and join us on Class Dojo to check out what we were doing and how. In P.E, we did gymnastics and we practiced our tumbles! At the end of […]

Amy’s 3rd Class – January News

On Tuesday the 17th of January we were very lucky to get a visit from the Irish author and storyteller Niall de Búrca. He told us some funny, scary and loud stories! One of the stories we really liked was called ‘Bowsie and the Banshee’. Another tale he told us about was a story of […]