RC News

First Communion:

Parents of children preparing for First Communion are reminded to send €5 in via the RC class teacher next Thursday. This is for rental of the cd which has the hymns required to be learned for First Penance and First Communion on it. We urge you to practice the hymns with your child at home as they will need to know them for both occasions. A lyrics pack will also be available to help you to sing along! The €5 is fully refundable when the pack is returned to us at the end of the year.

The next preparation Mass for First Communion takes place this Sunday 13th February and in the Dominican Church the Mass time is 10.30am.


We are still awaiting fees for this term from some families. If you have not yet paid your fees please forward them in a sealed envelope this coming Thursday via the RC class teacher. Please mark the envelope clearly with the name and class of your child.

If you have any queries in relation to payment of fees and/or receipts issued please contact the RC committee at rci@netns.ie