Let the fun continue!!!

Since we started back the children have had some great ideas for the coming term… 3D Art, masks, number lines and funky fingerprint art!

Abdul taught us all how to make a 3D boat from a simple piece of paper, which we decorated and put masts on (with cocktail sticks) and flags…  most have turned into Pirate ships.  We now have a fantastic Marina full of pirates of the Caribbean in our room.

We have started a “Comortas Gaeilge” after circle time each day to test us on our everyday Irish words and my goodness the competition is high…

We continued we our transport theme.  We are looking at objects that fly in the sky and float on the sea.  We made aeroplanes using paper and string and we are decorating them to make a mini airport in our room.

We will be posting some photos of our fabulous work soon.

Aoife, Niamh and Dawn