Confirmation 2011

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

The Confirmation Ceremony for 5th & 6th Class children who partake in R.E. Classes will take place on Sunday June 12th 2011 @ 12 p.m. in the Dominican Church, Newbridge. I am delighted to inform you that we will be joined in our celebration by the children from St. Patrick’s N.S.

We are currently working hard on our Confirmation preparation. As we are limited in our amount of class time, it is imperative that the children take responsibility for their homework and carry out all of the assigned work each week. It is very important that the children revise/learn the following each week as well as their assigned homework. Learning these items is compulsory for all children and will be regularly assessed.

  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • The Fruits of the Holy Spirit
  • The Ten Commandments
  • The Seven Sacraments
  • The Five Precepts of the Church
  • The Beatitudes (Not yet covered in Class)
  • The Creed (In Prayer Book)
  • Prayer to the Holy Spirit (Not yet covered in Class)

This is not a limited list and further items may be added throughout the next two terms. Please encourage your child to complete the work to the best of their ability each week. I would also be grateful if you could sign their homework each week.

Many thanks for your continued support and co-operation,