Last Pictures of Fourth Class

This year has been such a great year in fourth class. We have worked had and had loads of fun along the way. I could not have asked for a nicer group of people to work with every day. Here are some pictures of our final days as fourth class. Enjoy the well deserved break! […]

Congratulations Alex!!!

Well done and congratulations to Alex from 3rd class who won the IRL Championship Trophy on Fathers Day and for those outside the world of karting it is his equivalent to the Sam Maguire cup! He will have his name engraved forever more beside some of Irelands best karters and needless to say his parents and […]

Thank You from the NETNS Library!

A huge thank you to our library volunteers this term who have begun sprucing up our library. Alison, Brian, Inna and Simone have been working hard to get our library make-over started and we’re very excited to see the great things that will be happening in the library next year. Also, a big thank you […]

5th Class School Tour

We had our school tour at Avon Rí in Blessington, County Wicklow. It was an action packed day and we really enjoyed ourselves. We did low ropes first which was really fun. Then we did some team building games. After that we  went on the climbing wall which was very exciting! Soon after we each had […]

Stolen buttons!!

  We were very lucky to receive a present of some lovely Lilly O Brien chocolate buttons yesterday. Peter told us that after lunch we could have some. When we came back from our lunch the buttons were gone. Peter was very upset. There was a message left on the whiteboard ” Thanks for the […]

Build it and they will come

    As part of Activity pop we got to build bridges in class yesterday. But instead on concrete and steel beams we only had spaghetti and straws!! We worked in groups and we were very luck that we had extra help in the class. Jim, Natalie, Robert and Patrick were all in the class […]

Kilcullen AFC Open Trials

Please find below detail about soccer trials that will be taking place in the near future.  Trials are open to boys and girls of all ages. Kilcullen AFC Open Trials info

Shields, flowers and parasols completed!

We finished our constructions and we’re so proud of ourselves! Look at the fantastic job we did! We’ve had a brilliant year in first class and we’ve grown so much. We’re all ready for second class now and want to wish everyone a really interesting, fun and exciting summer holiday! See you all in the […]

Rainforest Wonders

This week in Rang a Trí we were learning about the Amazon Rainforest. We learned what exactly it was and looked at examples of deforestation on Google Maps. Why not ask us about it when you see us!

Mustache Art!

Third class are looking more grown up everyday!  


During the year we learned that the Normans,Vikings and Ancient Greeks weaved  fabric to make clothing. We decided to give it a try. We made our own hand  looms from cardboard, tied on the wool lengthways and then weaved the second piece of wool over and back.  We made a small panel of fabric. Much […]

Activity Pop

For the last two weeks in class we are playing activity pop. Every day Peter picks a secret walker. After lunch if that person was really good we get to pop a balloon.Each balloon has a different activity that we get to play We are going to build a bridge next week. Peter said that […]

Under the Sea and Staying Safe

This week Junior Infants have been learning all about ‘Under the Sea’ and the creatures that live there. It has been a fascinating journey through the underwater world! Children made under the sea landscapes in recycled bottles, built an underwater world, made paper plate crabs and also drew pictures of all of the different underwater […]

Active Week Fun!

Last week, we had a very busy and active week in school! The whole school was a hive of activity and classes had activities every day. Children and staff all partook and enjoyed in the fun of the week. We had obstacle courses, ball room dancing, team sports, move- a- thon stations, penalty shoot out […]

Creepy crawlies!

This week in Senior Infants we have been learning about all the minibeasts we have in our gardens and school surroundings.  We looked at creatures such as ladybirds, flies, earwigs, centipedes, ants, beatles, slugs, woodlice and many more… Have a look at how our minibeast hunt went. Enjoy the weekend and perhaps have your own […]