3rd Class Tour Castlecomer Discovery Park

We went to Castlecomer Discovery Park on our tour this week. We had a great day out. We would recommend it to everyone!   Our school tour was so much fun. We got to go for a walk around a lake and we saw a cave. After that we went to a playground then we […]

Fourth Class Update

Hi Padraic and Siofra here! It’s been a very busy week! We`re going to tell you what we have been doing! In maths we were making 3D shapes It was very hard. There was glue everywhere!!!!! 🙂 In Irish we are writing stories! It’s really fun and great teamwork! In p.e. we went to the […]

Project time

This week in my room we have started researching some amazing projects!   We are completing projects on Squirrels, Bats and the army. At the moment we are busy gathering information – next week we will tell you some fun facts we have found out.   Stay tuned!

A musical week in Junior Infants – plus Shared Reading dates!

Its been a busy and very NOISY week this week! In Aistear we continued to learn about music and instruments. We even visited the ‘recording studio’ in the role play area. Last week we made our own instruments, and this week we designed our own music bands or orchestras! We enjoyed watching videos about the […]

Senior Infants this week…

We have had so much fun this week outside the classroom.  On Monday we had a lesson in playing African drums in the Halla.  We listened to a story and played drums alongside.  Each of us got to do an amazing drum solo as well as free drumming – it was so much fun. On […]

What are insulators?

This week we were learning about insulators. We figured out what the best insulators were. We designed and created some huts and we are going to test out which can hold the most heat!

Wassa Wassa Drums Workshop

This week we were very lucky to get a very special visit from Niall. He loves drums and showed us some drums from Africa. We all got a drum each and had great fun making lots of rhythm and beats. Have a look at us in the halla!!!    

3rd Class Tour

This week we went to Castlecomer Discovery park in Kilkeny. We had mighty fun on the climbing wall and the leap of faith. We went on an adventure to the Elf Village too! Photo’s coming soon!  

In Sacra’s room this week…..

This week in Sacra’s classroom the boys and girls from Junior Infants have been working really hard at identifying and sounding out CVC words. We also got to play lots of social games and the children really enjoyed taking turns and helping each other during these activities. We also worked with the peg boards, created […]

Finished Projects

Well done to 2nd Class who completed their projects in my room this week. We have three excellent projects ready to be presented: “Extreme Weather”, “Amazing Animals” and “Healthy Eating”. The children worked very hard to create Powerpoints and posters on their chosen projects and have even created activities based on what they had learned […]

In Natalie’s Room this week……………..

This week in Natalie’s room we have been continuing work on our projects ‘Games we like to play’. We have been playing board games and showing how we can listen and take turns, and we have also been playing playground games outside! We have also been designing obstacle courses and trying them out, we had […]

Dogs in the school grounds

If you are walking your dog to the school for collection or drop off times could you ensure that the dog is on a leash, as some of our children are truly afraid of dogs wandering free.  Also, please ensure that if your dog is required by law to be muzzled that he or she […]

Code Breakers

This week we learned about different codes we use. We talked about the importance of codes in our world history. We studied the impact code breakers had during WW2. The whole class agreed that without the code breakers the allies might not have won the war. There was a really famous mathematician who was so […]

A wonderful visit to Stonebrook Farm

Yesterday we had a fantastic school tour to Stonebrook Pet Farm, the children really enjoyed every minute. There was lots to see and do, from exploring the fantastic play area, going on a tractor ride, holding rabbits, ducklings and chicks to feeding lambs, calves and even deer! Junior Infants represented the school brilliantly and showed […]

Creative Schools Award 2015

We are very pleased to announce that during the week NETNS received a Creative Schools Award.  The award promotes creativity in teaching and learning. Both 3rd and 5th class have been working on projects since the beginning of the year. The theme the classes have been exploring is ‘Patterns in Manmade Objects and Nature.’  We […]