Letters home this week 27/5/13 – 30/5/2013

The following letters were sent home this week: Infant classes – tour information letter 3rd class – tour information letter and letter re TP Student Infant tour information letter May 2013 TP student letter 3rd class May 2013 3rd class school tour reminder May 2013    

5th Class School Tour

Dunmore East Adventure Centre On the 28th of May, 5th class went to Dunmore East Adventure centre for our momentous school tour. We left school at 8 o’clock sharp. Our journey was very long (an hour and a half) but we sang, talked, read and laughed all the way to Waterford. As soon as we reached the […]

Monster Magnets

This week in Arts and Crafts we put the finishing touches to our monster magnets. Take a look below…. Please remember, there will be a break from Arts and Crafts next Tuesday with the remaining three classes on the 11th, 18th and 25th of June.

Reform of the Junior Cycle

The Department and the National Parents Council (NPC) is hosting a number of information meetings on the reform of the Junior Cycle for Parents around the country. Download a copy of the presentation: A Framework for the Junior Cycle Presentation All meetings will be held from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. DATE COUNTY VENUE 27 May 2013 Dublin North Dublin […]

The finished products in Senior Infants…

  Here are the fabulous Egyptian clay pots we finished this week:   If you get a chance over the weekend, why not have a look at the Blue-tit nest box from RTE Radio One’s show, The Mooney show, on the following link? – last time we checked there were seven eggs but we think […]

Balancing Act

This week in Michael’s class we have been learning all about weight. We had to test a number of objects and decide which ones were heavy and which ones were light.   To do this we used a balancing scales. We discovered that the scales moved when we put different weights on each side and […]

Painting our clay pots!

Today in Junior Infants we had great fun painting our clay pots that we worked so hard creating last week. Take a look at the pictures below!    

Envelopes for end of year reports

In our bookists last year we asked parents / guardians to send in a stamped addressed envelope before the end of the school year in order to facilitate the posting of end of year reports in June. We would like to ask parents and guardians if you have not already done so, to please send […]


Maori people often wore garments that had been woven. They wore a knee length kilt-like garment  around the waist and that was secured by a belt. Men’s belts were known as tatua and women’s as tu. The man’s belt was usually the more ornate. Some garments were woven not with a loom but with their […]

Letters home this week 20/5/13 – 24/5/13

The following letters were sent home this week: Afterschool Panto Club – Re change of times 5th Class – Re Riverbank Visit on Friday   Panto letter re change of time May 2013    

First Class School Tour

We had a fantastic day at Imaginosity on Wednesday, there were so many exciting things to play with and we had a lovely picnic afterwards. Well done to First Class for showing such lovely manners and playing so safely. Here are some pictures of the fun we had.


On Wednesday we went on our school tour to Imaginosity. We had a great day at the children’s museum, it was lots of fun!! There were 3 levels we could explore, 2 indoor levels and an outdoor level! Afterwards, we had a picnic outside in the picnic area. It was a great day!

Sock Bunnies!!

Take a look at the sock bunnies we made this week in Arts and Crafts. It was lots of fun, well done everyone!

Green School Ceremony

Yesterday, Wednesday the 22nd of May, Eve Cash, Elliott Cass and Aoife Budds from the Green School Committee went to Croke Park to collect NETNS’s second Green Flag. We earned this flag for saving energy in our school. Before we collected our Green Flag, we took some pictures, which you can see below. The flag was presented to us by Jimmy Deenihan […]

Car Park Safety

We would like to thank you for taking such care and consideration in the car park and for ensuring the smooth passage of traffic through the car park area. However, a small minority of car park users are not showing such care and consideration and we would again like to remind everyone of the guidelines […]