Poor sleep could be linked to deteriorating memory

As we get older, it’s common to experience changes in sleep patterns. Meanwhile, in older age, a part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex tends to shrink. Could these events be linked to poorer memory? Research in the US suggests that a disruption in “slow-wave” sleep in older adults is linked with less-effective processing […]

The trout study that could transform conservation

A study of brown trout shows there is more genetic variation among the fish than in human populations Martin O’Grady is probably the country’s foremost expert on brown trout. As senior research officer with Inland Fisheries Ireland, he has spent most of his working life travelling the country, monitoring fish stocks, assessing water quality and […]

Workshop for Parents/Guardians

Details are attached about a workshop for parents and guardians being presented by Pat Devenney, Educational Psychologist entitled “Supporting your child to develop effective literacy skills”. Workshop with Pat Devenney

Suncroft Athletics Club

Registration and training for Suncroft Athletics Club for the new season is currently underway. All ages and abilities are welcome…  for further information contact John Troy 087 2735086 or visit their website: www.suncroftathletics.sharepoint.com    or www.facebook.com/suncroft.athleticsclub

Newbridge Volleyball Club

Newbridge Volleyball Club are inviting new players to join their junior volleyball programme.  It is open to girls and boys aged between 10 – 12 years and is held in the Holy Family Secondary School on Wednesday night from 6pm – 7.30 and on Saturday from 10am  – 11.30am. All children are invited to come […]

Cross and Passion College Assessment Test

We have been notified by Cross and Passion College that incoming students for September 2013 have been invited to attend an assessment test on Wednesday 20th February at 1pm – 3.15. Students are required to bring a pencil and eraser on the day.  Failure to attend for the test will be taken that parents / […]

Attention Liffey Hall / Curragh Grange Parents & Guardians!!

If any parent / guardian living in the areas of Liffey Hall and Curragh Grange who would like their child / children to avail of a bus service to and from NETNS from September 2013, please express your interest to either elizabethbartholomew@eircom.net or kathrinamccabe@gmail.com / 087 8557367.

‘Investment in primary education is vital’

My Education Week : Gerry Murphy, President, Irish Primary Principals’ Network MONDAY Team meeting in the Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN) at the national support office in Cork to overview plans for our annual two-day conference which begins at Citywest later this week. This year’s theme, The Future is Now, seeks to highlight the importance of […]

Wild, windy and Ireland’s best refuge for hobbits

The landscape of Fermanagh, it occurred to me, would be Ireland’s best refuge for hobbits, if we had them. The heights of the county are frowning and wild, it’s true, and even quite scary at the windy clefts of Cuilcagh’s summit, or under the Cliffs of Magho. Great limestone caves and swallow holes speak of […]

Where otters dare, all is right with the natural world

ANOTHER LIFE: It’s an age since I saw an otter. On sorties to the strand, somewhat rarer now, I check a tuft of grass at the freshwater pool where a stream runs out to the channel. Green and lush from repeated doses of nitrogen, it bears the remains of the latest spraint, the otter’s dropping; a […]

An explosive week!

This week in 4th class, the children completed some amazing project work on Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. Some of the children made model towns of Pompeii using Lego  What a clever idea! Others demonstrated  a volcano explosion using vinegar, baking soda and red food colouring. There was plenty to see and do so we invited 3rd […]

The Legend of Setanta

This week in second class we have been learning all about famous Irish Myths and Legends. On of our favorite stories was the story of Setanta.. here is our version of the story.   Long ago, Conor Mac Neasa, the king of Ulster, trained a group of boys called the Macra. The boys played in the field […]

Polar Animals Projects

Over the past two weeks First Class have been working hard researching a polar animal of their choice. For homework we wrote the facts we found out about the animals. We also drew pictures and some of the class printed off pictures from the internet. Yesterday, half of the class presented their projects and some […]

Wonderful playdough makers!

This week in school we made our very own playdough. To begin we measured out flour, salt, water, oil and some food colouring.  Working together we mixed the ingredients and as soon as it began to come together we took it out of the bowl and started to knead it. Our hands got very sticky […]

Where has the time gone?

This week in sixth we decided to make a historical timeline. As a class we all decided what historical events should be included. We picked loads including the Egyptians, the Romans, Columbus sailing to America, WWI & WWII, JFK being shot and lots more. The timeline is really long and goes the whole length of […]